Loving The Biebs

when justin comes back will him and justice live happy ever after or will there be problems


9. chapter 8 part 2

Jose: Ari is ariana i call her that for a nickname

chaz:oh i see like i call Onica , Oni for short


{at the movies}

they went to see the movie Grown Ups 2 and they were sitting in this order chaz,onica,justice,justin,jose,ariana

everyone noticed that Chaz was making out with ONica because they were both quietly moaning but loud enough for you hear

justin:have u noticed that every person that Justice puts together they always are a perfect match

jose: well she did chose Ariana for me so yea i think she has some type of power

{after the movie at justice's house}

justice:umm onica can i talk to u upstairs real quick



justice: i think they found out i can see the future or something

onica:well it does seem like u've been using it to put couples together

justice:i should really stop doing that


justin: i wonder why there taking so long


justin:dude we havent had sex yet

ariana:good cuz i thought i would have to beat u up

onica and justice came back downstairs


chaz:heyyy ur not pregnant are u

justice:no why would i be preggo if im still a virgin

justn:told u

justice: but i have made a big decision and i have to tell u

justin:babe plz dont tell me ur leaving

justice:no im not leaving

jose:then what is it

justice:well u know how i always know who to put together and whats gonna happen ahead of time 

everybody knods

justice:well i can see the future and thats how i know everything

justin:so u like have special powers 

justice:yes but u didnt let me finish i do have special powers but i can only use them with someone elses powers next to me

onica:and thats why i moved back down here

justin: so u have powers to onica

onica: yea and were sisters

chaz:well that explains the resemblence in u two

justin got mad and went upstairs



















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