Loving The Biebs

when justin comes back will him and justice live happy ever after or will there be problems


7. chapter 7

JUSTIN=white button up and black skinny jeans sagging

CHAZ=black button up and black skinny jeans sagging

JUSTICE= white and purple summer type dress and white wedges

ONICA=black summer type dress and black flats

justin:everyone ready 

both girls: yea

Onica and Justice came down the stairs and both justin and chaz had droppped their jaws they went to The Melting Pot a Fondue restuarant 

Chaz:so whats up with your knee Justice

justice:well doctor said that i need to stop gymnastics for a little but i can go back

Onica:gymnastics?really J what level are you in

justin:she is a level 8 master

justice:thank you Mr.KNowitall 

waitress:what would you guys like to drink

everyone ordered water and was talking about random things and then Chaz pulled JUstice to the side

Chaz:i wanna ask ONICA out but dont know how

JUstice:well you could ask her in txt if your to shy 

chaz:great idea 

they went back to the table and ONica had a huge smile on her face after like 10 minutes of texting chaz

Justin: so onica what are you smiling crazily about

chaz:we are officially dating

justin:cool justice how do you know when people are meant for each other

onica:she has special powers

chaz:that sounds a little weird

when everyone was done and full they went to justins 2 story house and watched 50 First Dates with Adam Sandler 

justin and justice were all bundled together and so were chaz and onica

justin:im getting very tired im going to bed

justice:me too

onica: hey justin can we sleep in your guest room 

justin:well you are a guest and thats a guest room so yea

justice started laughing and so did chaz

while justin and justice were walking into justins room justin pushed her against the wall and they started making out

justice:i thought you were tired

justin:no i just wanted an excuse to be able to kiss you 

justice: aww do you miss my lips JUJU

justin:you know i hate that nickname

justice: JUJU JUJU

justin started tickling  justice

justice: babe haha stop haha please haha

justin: only if you kiss me

in the guest room

onica and chaz were making out and turned into a sex scene and all you heard was 

"oh yea chaz dont stop" or  "you like that dont you"


everyone was eating breakfist and all of a sudden

justice: so what were you doing last night

onica:nothing we went straight to bed 

justin*cough*lie* cough

chaz:what are you talking about

justin:you like that dont you

justice:oh yea chaz dont stop

onica:*blushing*sorry about that i didnt think you guys would hear it

justin:well we did and trust me it wasn't fun










































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