Loving The Biebs

when justin comes back will him and justice live happy ever after or will there be problems


6. chapter 6

when i met Chaz i thought he was really cute and i liked him but still wasn't over the fact that Justin and Justice are dating im really jealous even though i was the one who cheated on him. i mean i love him but it wasn't my fault

Justice: what are you thinking about?

Onica: nothing why

J:cuz you were saying something in your sleep 

onica:oh well it was just a dream


chaz:hey sexy

onica:hey you wanna meet up later

chaz:thats actually what i text you for

onica: so is a date or....

chaz:its a date

end of txt convo

justice:why are you smiling so big

onica: chaz just ask me out on a date

justice:can i help you get dressed


chaz calling

hey do you wanna do a double date with me and onica he asked justice. umm i dont know i need to ask JUstin


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