Loving The Biebs

when justin comes back will him and justice live happy ever after or will there be problems


5. chapter 5

the next day

justice: hey 

onica:whats up iv'e missed you

justice:are you dating anyone

onica:no why

justice: because justin has a friend that is very lonely and he acts alot like you so the first thing i thought 

onica inerrupted her and said: you thought of me didn't you 

justice:yea and plus not saying i would date him but hes really cute but not as cute as justin (laughing)

onica: okay well im actually moving up there so 

justice:ahhhh icant wait to see you and  i promise you , you will like Chaz

Onica : well i will see you tommarrow 


"bye" they both said into there ends of there phone. then they both hung up as Justin walked into the room on the phone talking to Scooter 

justin: yea , okay , i understand (on the phone talking) (hung up after)

justice: hey who was that

justin; Scooter saying that we start tour next month

justice: oh well im gonna miss you

justin; yea what did you find out about Onica

justice: shes coming tommarrow shes moving back to Cali

justin looked so surprised i remember when i was dating Chaz and Onica and justin were dating


my alarm went off at 4:00AM and i got up took a shower and got dressed into sweats a tank top and a black leather jacket and let my hair down cuz it is super duper curly 

justin:hey babe(sleepy voice)

i gasped and jumped at the same time

justice: hey babe you scared me

justin:sorry but where are you giong

justice:to pick up Onica


justice:bye babe i'll see you later were gonna go out to eat after i pick her up

even though justice just woke up and was in sweats and a tank top she looked HOT i hugged her from behind and said hey babe and she got all jumpy i think i scared her 


i cant wait to see justin and justice i miss being able to see them everyday when i saw justice she looked even prettier than the last time i saw her . i dont know how im going not be jealous of justin for having the cutest girl in the world shes like a sister cute though

we met up with chaz after breakfist and i really...




















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