Loving The Biebs

when justin comes back will him and justice live happy ever after or will there be problems


4. chapter 4

they decided to go on the date earlier and justin took her to the beach after they ate. they both had bathing suits under so they went for a quick swim and whil they were walking to the beach they were holding hands and justice all of sudden stopped and 

justice:wait i need to tell you something


justice;come close , closer , closer

justin:tell me 


justice:i love you (whispered)

justin:i love you too 

justice grabbed justins face and smashed their lips together

justin grabbed her waist so that they were closer 

justin:will you do something for me

justice:yea sure what is it

justin:will you do the honors of being my girlfriend

justice: uhhhhhhh yea you really thought id say no

they stood there and kissed and then once again chaz ran into them so they had to stop

ryan:r u guys a thing cuz everytime isee you guys you 2 r kissing

justin:yes this is my beautiful girlfriend


justice:babe can ispend the night again i dont want to go home still im scared

justin:yea i dont mind

ryan:why r u scared to go home

justice:my dad abuses me(says really fast)

justin:yea i liked what you were wearing last night too you think you could do that for me 1 more time

justice:only if you give me a massage my back really hurts

ryan:ill do it (really loud)

justin:r u serious u do this with girl im with i cant believe you

ryan:dude im so sorry

justice:do you have a girlfreind

ryan:no why 

justice:you need to meet someone

justin:is it anyone i know

justice:Onica G

justin:i havent seen he rin a long time

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