Loving The Biebs

when justin comes back will him and justice live happy ever after or will there be problems


3. chapter 3


when i was leaving i heard her say bye and i said bye back. icant believe that we are going to go on a date with her she is thelove of my life she just doesnt know it yet

justice texts justin

justice:please come pick me up at the Olive Gardens i cant do this im to scared

justin:sure you can spend the night at my house if you want too

justice:yea i just dont want to be around my dad

justin:i understand ill be there in 5 minutes

justicce:okay ILY


whe she texted i love you i felt my heart skip a beat i dont know what it is about her but i love her when  picked her up she was crying and when she sat down i just hugged her

justin:why are you crying

justice:my dad kept starring at me and when we got to the table he tried to touch me in a perverted way

justin:do you wanna spend the night

justice:yea plwe went straight to my place and i gave her a huge shirt of mine and she put it on without pants just underwear and shirt to be honest it gave me a boner 


justin was really sweet for letting me spend the night and i didnt have pants so i had to walk around in my underwear. i know he liked it cuz he tried to hide his boner 


i woke up next tp justin and he had his arms around my waist

justice:let me go i need to take shower

justin:and ineed to cuddle(pulls her back into bed)


after the hour of cuddling with justin she went to take a shower and got dressed into a cross-patterned shirt black skinny jeans and black studded hidden wedges (what i actually have on right now)

they started watching Ridiculessness 

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