Loving The Biebs

when justin comes back will him and justice live happy ever after or will there be problems


2. chapter 2


really chaz really had to come in and ruin it . i dont know if justice knows but i like her well actually love her and shes stuck in my head all the time 

justin: would you like to go out tomarrow 

justice:sure why not 

justin:ill pick you up at 5:30

justice:okay well my moms gonna pick me up were going to go out with my dad 

justin:are you okay with doing that

justice:yea i mean i know that he used to do things to me but were okay now

justin:well call me if anything goes wrong


well before i knew justin my dad used to abuse me and he went to jail and just got out and me and him made a promise 

my dad would never drink again because every time he does he abuses me 

justin:well i gotta go my mom wants me to come home

justice:okay (kisses justin)

justin:i love you(whispers in her ear)

justice blushes 

bye they both say as justin leaves

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