Rana Rose

Rana Rose is a princess on Rose Island with a large and diligent family. All except one: Claudius Rose. Claude, Rana's older brother, joined a rebel group when she was a child and was dismissed from the Rose family; that never stopped Rana from loving him, though.

When Rana hears that her beloved brother is leaving Rose Island with his gang, how will she react and how will the mysterious Tobin react to the news of a princess travelling with him?


1. Rana Rose


"Rana, come here, immediately!" A voice bellowed from nowhere. Rana startled, looking around with caution.

"Brother? Where are you?" Footsteps began to ring in the stone room as William descended on his little sister. He peered down his slender nose at the only daughter of the Rose family. Whilst the Rose men were tall, lean and slender, Rana was petite with a large bosom and slim waist. Like her father, she had golden hair and eyes a light shade of blue. William, the eldest Rose brother, had inherited the heavy dark locks of his mother as well as her rich, narrowed eyes.

"I have heard rumours of your adventures, Rana." Rana gave him a vacant look, clearly oblivious as to what he was talking about.

"My adventures? What ever do you mean, William?" William neared closer to her face, peering directly into her eyes. His hands, clasped behind his back as he bent over, suddenly whipped forward and grabbed Rana's face. He held her tightly.

"Don't play a fool with me, sister. You've been talking to Claudius, haven't you?" He squeezed Rana's slim face so her lips pouted and her cheeks squidged together. Rana attempted to speak but her brother's grip tightened to painful. Rana wriggled away as William's face neared hers. He placed a small kiss on her nose before suddenly releasing Rana, making her fall backwards onto the love-seat on which she sat. William began to walk away.

"You're sister complex will be the death of me!" She spat at him, swatting at her small nose. William laughed, an abrupt sound that rippled through the room like sizzling water, spitting and burning Rana's skin.

"Maybe that would be the best." He stopped walking. "For all of us."


That night, Rana cried. She cried for long enough to make her feel pathetic yet released no emotion. William had always looked down on his younger siblings. Claudius and her especially. No wonder Claude had run away! No wonder she wished she could join him on the outskirts of Rose Island! If she could, Rana would leave in the night and run into the arms of her loving brother. Although there was nothing that really held her back to stay in the palace, running away would be final. She would not be able to return to live with her father, mother and six brothers. No longer would she be warmed by the fire or feel the loving gaze of the people of Rose Island as she trotted by them on her horse. 


But, Rana had made up her mind. She was going to travel with Claude and finally have a real adventure. 

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