My Omegle Soulmate


12. Who's Allison


Harrys POV

We finished our rehearsals about ten minutes ago. Me and the boys were on our way to Nandos, for lunch. We all jumped out of the car (Niall was driving) and we walked towards the entrance, where luckily there were no screaming fans.

Don't get me wrong I love the fans a lot if it wasn't for them we wouldn't be where we are today and me & the other boys thank them for that, but sometimes its nice to have a little privacy and space.

Niall and Liam were walking in front of me I followed them in with Zayn and Louis behind. We sat down at a booth big enough for the five of us.

We looked at out menus and soon this buff looking waiter came in to ask for our orders.

Each of the boys including me ordered their food except for Niall who was still pondering on what he should get.

"umm can get the potato with hummus,double-breasted chicken wrap medium spice with peri peri chips, a medium corn on the cob, 5 hot chicken wings and a coke"  

he finished talking and looked up from his menu with a cheesy grin on his face.


"umm is that all?.." the waiter asked still trying to finish off what he was scribbling on his small notepad,the waiter soon left and walked back to the kitchen with our orders.

While the rest of the boys were talking about the whole World tour which will be starting very soon, I got my phone out and reread mine and Ally's text messages to each other from last night. I suddenly laughed out loud at one without realizing it then all the boys just tuned to look at me coming out of their conversations.

"What's so funny?" Zayn said looking at me.

"Nothing just remembered a joke Ed told me" I didn't know why I was lying to them I mean they're my best friends, hell they're my brothers, 

surely they deserve to know about Ally.

"So, why are you so happy? When you walked into rehearsals earlier you looked like you wanted to kill some one.." Liam asked curiously.

"Dont worry about that Mr. Payne." I said in a cheerful tone.

Niall quickly grabbed my phone from my hands and he ran to the men's bathroom. I chased after him to get it back with the rest of the boys behind me.  

It's not like I had something to hide, but I just didn't want them to read it. I yelled for him to give it back, but he didn't listen. Instead he just passed it along to the boys for the rest to read.

"Who's Allison?" Liam questioned me as he quickly read the messages and he passed the phone down.

"She's a girl" I simply stated.

"Well duh no sh*t styles" Louis said sarcastically as he scrolled through the messages.

"Ah, do you fancy this Allison?" Niall teased, wiggling his eyebrows the others chuckled.

"Um yeah she's cool but we're just friends right now." I said thumping him on his shoulder secretly wishing we were actually more than friends.

"You must really like her Hazza, I've never seen you talk like this about a girl before" Liam said.

I then grabbed my phone out of Liam's hands since he was rereading them again.

"It sure seems like it he likes her a lot , You two were flirting massively." Zayn said with a grin. Just then the waiter arrived with our food saving me from having to further explain my relationship with Ally.

A/N: Thanks for reading guys! Can I just say I'm overwhelmed with your support and thank you so much for reading, voting and commenting I appreciate it all!  

Niallerswife1D XXxo :D

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