My Omegle Soulmate


11. Wake up call

Harry's POV

I woke up to a loud banging on my door, I just ignored it and turned around covering my face with the blanket, i knew it was Louis at the door.

"HAZZA!! OPEN UP!" He screamed through the door with his extremely loud voice.

"Noo!" I shouted back in my tired lazy morning voice. 


Before I could actually say anything Lou had already bust the door off it hinges literally.
I sprung up with my eyes wide open and saw Lou just standing there by the door, well now what used to be a door with his usual mischievous grin.

"LOUIS YOU JUST FREAKIN BROKE MY DOOR!" I shouted loudly at him still in my bed.

When I said that, his grin dropped into an over exaggerated frown and he started to fake cry.

"Sorry Hazza,... I was only trying to get you up" he mumbled still pretending to cry.

"Aw it's ok Lou-bear just knock next time" I said giving him a hug.

"Anyway what did you wake me up so early for?"

"We have our first tour rehearsals today and they started like 30 minutes ago, you have to be ready in 10 minutes Haz!" he said walking out of the room stepping over what was left of my door.

I got out of bed, and walked to the bathroom that's connected to my room. I quickly brushed my teeth washed my face and walked back to the room.

I decided to wear my black shirt that said 'hipsta please!' on and my usual black pair of skinny jeans, white converse (with my favourite socks that had tacos on them). The only things I grabbed before I walked out were my black jacket and my iPhone.

I quickly ruffled up my hair a bit, as I usually do. Then I headed down the stairs towards the door, I saw Lou was already in the car so I locked the door,got into the car and I started driving to the rehearsals.

A/N I know it's short but I've got writers block.. Sorry but I will try update soon.. Love ya all :D x

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