My Omegle Soulmate


2. Start of something


Allison POV-

I slowly opened my eyes and tried to adjust to the sunlight that was shining throught the window.

BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! I heard my alarm go of and realised I have school.

" Shoot! " I quickly jumped out of my bed and ran to my bathroom, I stepped into the shower and had the quickest shower I have ever had.

After the shower i quickly put on my school uniform which looked like this: (A/N: the link to her uniform).

I grabbed all my books and unplugged my phone from the charger, I rushed down the stairs to find my mum, dad and little brother all at the breakfast table eating breakfast.

"Hey everyone" I said quickly grabbing a muffin from the table and heading towards the door.

" Wait Allison" I heard my mum call.

"yes mum" I answered.

"Heres your lunch money you almost forgot sweetie"she handed me the money and continued with her breakfast.

" Thanks mum bye" I said heading out the door. As soon as I stepped I was greated by a warm gust of air wow its actually warm here in London the suns out.

I walked down the street for a bit and I decided to go into the Starbucks that was just at the corner of the street. As soon as i stepped into the shop I could smell freshly made coffee, sweet muffins and cupcakes, I love Starbucks I walked up to the till and ordered the Light Caramel Frappuccino while i was waiting for my drink I got my phone out of my bag I had a new message on kik so I clicked to the logo, I was suprised to be greeted by a message from Harry Styles, I knew his name was Harry but I wasn't expecting it to be THE Harry Styles, I mean it doesn't really make a difference wether he is or isnt. Actually I was sort of suspicious that it might be Harry styles when he said he was in a hotel in Texas with his friends working, and I knew that one direction had just arrived there so I guess I shouldve realized, oh well it doesn't make a difference wether he is Harry Styles the superstar or just Harry. I looked at the messege it read:

Hey babe, sorry I didnt text u sooner I was busy with work. How are you today? ;)

Then I remembered the conversation I had with him last night. I quickly replied:

It's ok, My days alright so far I'm on my way to school now,just stopped by Starbucks. So what time is it in America now? :)

I looked up to find my Frapuccino was ready I picked it up paid for it and quickly walked out heading to school.

(A/N: The picture at the side is what Allison is meant to look like i thought it was a pretty picture)

Anyway on with the story...........

Harry's POV-

I was just about to go to bed when my phone went off, I looked over at my side table and picked up my iPhone from the table unlocking it. I had a new text messege, I really hope its from Allison I thought to myself. I have never really seen her in real life but whenever I talk to her I feel something that I've never felt for another girl before and that's alot of girls. But I have a feeling that I'm falling for her, quickly.

Yes! its Allison the text messege read

To Harry:

It's ok, My days alright so far, hows your day been? I'm on my way to school now,just stopped by Starbucks. So what time is it in America now? :)


After I read the text I quickly replied

To Allison:

Thats cool, i remember the days i used to go to school. Its after midnight here in Texas I was just getting into bed. :)


As soon as I sent that I got another messege from Allison. That was a quick reply I thought as I read the text.

To Harry:

Haha Im jelly u dont have to go to school :p wish i could leave school now. I've just arrived at school now, sorry if i woke u up or something u should sleep :)

To Allison:

No u didnt wake me up i was just about to go to bed. haha u have to stay in school to get a good education babe. :)


To Harry:

ahaha ye i will stay in school. Anyway i'm about to go into class now so i'll let you sleep goodnite :) x

To Allison:

ok then i will text you later good nite babe ;) x

After i sent that last text i placed my iPhone back onto my side table and i couldnt get Allison out of my mind, I am definately falling for her. But i have a good feeling about her, I've never felt this way before about a girl. I lay my head on the pillow closing my eyes still thinking about her falling asleep.

A/N Ok that was my second chapter i hope you all liked it but if you have a suggestion feel free to inbox me andif you liked it please vote and comment. Thanks for reading. :)

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