My Omegle Soulmate


3. Start of something part 2



Allison's POV-

I finnally arrived in school, I wasnt late so I walked up to my locker, opened it and got all the books I needed for first period. I felt my phone vibrate in my blazer pocket, I quickly took it out of my pocket hoping it was Harry, I think I like him, I mean we only met like two days ago but there was something about him. And it was from him.

Thats cool, i remember the days i used to go to school. Its after midnight here in Texas I was just getting into bed. :)
After I read the text I quickly replied


Haha Im jelly u dont have to go to school :p wish i could leave school now. I've just arrived at school now, sorry if i woke u up or something u should sleep :)

As soon as I sent that I got another messege from Harry. That was a quick reply I thought as I read the text.


No u didnt wake me up i was just about to go to bed. haha u have to stay in school to get a good education babe. :)

OMG Harry just called me babe. Call down Ally,just calm down he probably didn't mean it. Or what if he did. Okay don't get ahead of yourself. I quickly replied back

ahaha ye i will stay in school. Anyway i'm about to go into class now so i'll let you sleep goodnite :) 

Less than 3 minutes later Harry replied back

ok then i will text you later good nite babe ;) x

He called me babe again and put a kiss on the end. I kept my cool as best as i could because by this time swarms of students were flooding in through the doors, in their cliques and groups. By now the bell had rung and everyone headed to their first period I quickly checked my timetable to see what class i had now,...urgh Science, i gathered my stuff from my locker and headed to Science thinking about Harry.

A/N I hope you liked this chapter please comment and vote and if you have any suggestions inbox me i hope you enjoyed it thanks for reading :)

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