My Omegle Soulmate


6. She's special

My Omegle Soul Mate (Harry Styles)

Harry's POV----

I had just arrived back at the hotel after a long day of recording some new songs for our next album. As soon as I got into my hotel suite I quickly rushed to my room shut the door, got my phone out and texted Allison.

Harry- good morning babe ;) x

I think it is morning over there anyway I hope she sees the text. Me and Allison have been talking for about two weeks now I really like her, I know some people might say how do I know I like her it's only been two weeks. But I feel a sort of connection with her, she's not like any other girl I've ever talked to. She's different, she's special, sweet, kind and not to mention really beautiful. 

My thoughts were interrupted by a buzz coming from my phone she had replied.

Allison-- Hey Harold! :p. I just woke up, I had a bad dream again:(...Anyway how's the recording going for the new album?! I'm excited to hear it :)

After I read the first part I immediately wished I was with her in London right now, to comfort her whenever she had bad dreams. I felt sad whenever she told me she had a bad dream, if I could I would fly back to London everyday just to see her and comfort her whenever she had a nightmare. 

I smiled at the last part. I really did love her, God,I loved her so much it hurt. She was just absolutely perfect. I know she's a Directioner she loves our music. Me and the lads had written a lot of songs for the new album with some help.  

I even wrote a song that is dedicated to Allison called Little Things (A/N: I know Ed Sheeran was the one who wrote it but for this story it's Harold who wrote it). The song is about Allison herself its true that she can't go to bed without a cup of tea and she told me once that her brother caught her talking in her sleep and he filmed it showed it to her when she woke up.

I replied: 

Harry--- Nawwh :( another nightmare? Don't worry its ok. And the recordings going great we've got a lot of songs to choose from to put on the album, we've written quite a lot of great songs we can't wait for the fans to hear it! What time is it in London now babe? :)x

I locked my screen and just gazed up at the ceiling, I was still in my white t-shirt and jeans but I couldn't be bothered to get up and change into some Pyjamas. 

As i gazed and gazed into space all i could think about was Allison and her beautiful baby blue eyes staring into mine when we finally get to meet.

She was so beautiful. I wished i could see her in person. We talked about it a lot, about meeting in person.I was snapped out of my train of thought when i heard knocking at my door. I got up and opened it to find Liam.  

"Hey mate, me and the rest of the boys are going out to eat, wanna come?"  

I shook my head signalling i didn't want to go.

"Are you ok Hazza? You seem sort of upset" he asked me.

"No I'm ok really." I said looking up at him and gave him a weak smile.

"No really Harry is this about that girl you've been talking to?"

"Yeah I just wish I could actually see her in real life, I wish I was in London right now with her" I confessed to him,

" I get it Harry don't worry you'll get to meet her when we are back in London next week ok and...-" Liam was suddenly interrupted by Niall  


I laughed a little,Niall was always hungry. He's the hungriest person I've ever met. 

"You should go Liam we don't want a repeat of what happened last time when Niall didn't get his food on time". I said chuckling a bit. 

"Are you sure you are going to be okay Harry?" 

"Yeah I'm tired anyway so i'll just go to sleep now" 

"Ok then Harry see ya later" 

With that I closed my door an collapsed back onto my bed. My phone vibrated and I new it was Allison.

Allison- it's 7:39 now I have to get ready for school, I'll text you later bye Harold:) Xx

She's the only person I let to call me Harold apart from the boys. I was a bit disappointed that she had to go but that's life.It was 12:30am here so it was just about time when Allison should be on her way to school. She was in her last year this year so it would be only one more year until i got to see her face to face.  

I replied as soon as I finished reading her text.I always feel butterflies whenever I talked to her.

Harry- oh ok babe have a nice day at school :) I'm going to sleep now i have long day at the studio tomorrow and then a meet and greet with some fans, good night ;) xx

As soon as I sent that text I closed my eyes and fell into a deep sleep. 

A/N:  Just to remind you all I also uploaded this story on wattpad too 

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