My Omegle Soulmate


7. He's special

My Omegle Soul Mate (Harry Styles)

A/N special shout out to @coolgurlsluv_1D10 who this chapter is dedicated to... :D  

Anyway on with the story...


Allison's POV-


The bell rang loudly and woke all the students up who were napping around me and some were even drooling on their desks. Thank God it was over Spanish class is so boring!.  

I gathered all of my belongings from the table, including my Spanish book which I hadn't even opened for the entire lesson, considering it was Spanish class. 

As soon as I stuffed it all into my bag I sprinted out of the classroom heading towards the door.

I rushed to my locker and exchanged my books for the classes I had after lunch. As soon as I got the correct books I almost ran to the cafeteria. I stood in line waiting for people to make up their damn minds of what they want. As I just stood in line I started thinking about Harry.  

I missed him even though we haven't met, I actually can't wait to meet him one day. I love him gosh I can't believe I actually admitted that I know it's too early to tell but there's something special about him.  

He never asked me weird questions or anything inappropriate; it was always sweet and lovely texts we would exchange. He would call me beautiful and tell me how nice and cute I was. To be honest I don't really think I'm beautiful everyone in school thought the opposite of what he thought about me especially the popular girls, I've been bullied but nothing really serious they call me names but to be honest I really don't give a bull.

I'm one of those quiet girls who most people seem not to notice. I don't have a lot of friends, I have a few close friends who I've known since nursery when we were four or five...  

"NEXT!!" My train of thought was interrupted by the lunch lady shouting loudly. 

"Um I'll just have the pizza please" I said still a bit distracted.

After I payed I got my food and headed to the usual table me and my few friends sat at.  

"Hey Ally, I haven't seen you all day" Ellie my bestest friends greeted me as soon as I arrived at the table she is always chirpy and happy; shes like a squirrel always energetic.  

"Hey to you too, I know its cause we don't have the same classes and I've been in the library finishing off my science project" I explained to her.

"Oh ok" she said back now looking down at her phone texting. 

"Umm where's Danny and Becca?" I asked  

Danny and Becca where my other two best friends, Danny was gay he loves one direction just as much as me but not crazy he was just really funny, and Becca is just so laid back & also loves to laugh, she loves to eat she always has chocolates, sweets, drinks and loads of junk food in her bag but she still remained thin and in shape;I don't understand how she can eat so much for such a tiny girl.


"Yeah they have a detention with Miss Dylans, they were caught texting each other in class and throwing pencils and paper at Stacey (one of the populars)" Becca explained trying not to burst out laughing at the Stacey part.

"Oh ok well that's Becca and Danny for you, although I'm glad they got Stacey she's just so fake and annoying nowadays " I said the last part looking at Stacey who was sitting all the way across the cafeteria with her little clique of followers.

Me,Stacey, Ellie,Becca and Danny actually used to be real good friends for a long time until one day the super cool jock Alex (who Stacey was secretly crushing on) came up to our lunch table and asked Stacey out on a date from then on she just completely changed we became enemies.

I looked over at Ellie who was texting again she had been texting someone a lot lately I have to find out who it is, CBA to do it now though, I'll ask her later.

I grabbed my phone out of my blazer pocket and checked it to see if I had any new text messages particularly from Harold. But there wasn't any he was probably still asleep or at the studio by now.


I drifted out of my thoughts as I heard the bell ring again announcing that lunch was over. I quickly got up from my seat and headed to my next class which was Maths.. Urgh I truly didn't like maths although my teacher is pretty okay looking though. 

At least it's the last class of the day!

A/N Ok that's it I hope you enjoyed the chapter of you did please vote and comment and if you thought I could improve it please inbox me, okay.. 

byeee :D love you lots XXx

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