My Omegle Soulmate


4. Feelings?..

Allison's POV

---After School-----

Finally the six hours of boredom that I have to endure every week are over. Well for now.

I hurridly stood up from my chair gathering all my stuff as soon as I heard the bell ring, signalling we could go.

I quickly rushed out of the classroom towards my locker to put the books that I didnt need to take home inside. When I get to my locker I see my best friend Ellie standing by my locker. 

"Hey Alli, where have you been I havent seen you all day" Ellie said jumping to hug me. 

She always has so much energy, she's like a little bouncing leprachaun.

I've known her for a long time since we were toddlers she's like my sister.

" Hey Ell" I said hugging her back. "I had a detention after first period and I was finishing off my biology project for Mr Reddon, so thats why you have'nt seen me all day". I quickly explained to her.

"Ok, Alli anyway do you wanna come to Nathan's party tonight he said I could invite you, please come".

You see Nathan is Ellie's hot boyfriend, he's like one of the schools good looking boys that all the girls secretly daydream about because they've all got boyfriends.

Nathan is a nice guy but I personally don't see him as being hot or a stud I think he's a player . Ellie and him have been together for about four months.

She's smitten with nhim, I am happy for her but I've told her before she needed to be careful with him but that ended in a big argument, so I am not going there again.

"Sorry Ell I can't come, I have to babysit my brother tonight, mum and dad are going out so I have to stay home with him" I told her.

" Naww Alli are you sure you can't come? Please, can't you get your Mrs Neil to watch him and come with me" she pleaded with her best puppy dog eyes.

"No I can't leave him with Mrs Neil she's our next door neighbour, we don't know her that well and I have a lot of homework to catch up on sorry" I explained to her sad face.

"Ok" she said deafeted in the argument "You're no fun" she pouted at me.

"I know, I have to go now anyway see you tomorrow have fun at the party with Nathan, but dont have too much fun"

"Ok bye Alli see you later, I'll call you after the party"

"kay bye Ells"

A/N I will update again soon in Harry's POV and thanks to all of you who read this or voted i appriciate it and the first person to comment on this chapter will have it dedicated to them :) thank you again.... Niallerswife1D x

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