My Omegle Soulmate


5. Feelings?... Part 2


Two weeks later--

Alison's POV

I suddenly sat up in my bed sweating, my heart beating rapidly,I had another nightmare. The same nightmare that reoccurred every week.  

I got out of my bed and walked to my bathroom which is connected to my room. I opened the tap and splashed cold water on my face to wake me up a bit, because I didn't want to fall asleep again just incase if I had the nightmare again.

I walked back to my bed, covering myself with the duvet and I looked at my clock that was on the side table.It was 5:45 in the morning here in London. I let out a long sigh its not even time to get up for school yet.

I turned in my duvet to check my phone to see if I had any new messages. The screen lit up and I felt a large grin grow on my face. 

I have a new text message, I quickly opened it and saw it was from Harry. We have been texting for about two weeks now.

Harry- good morning babe ;)x

Soon after we exchanged kik usernames we exchanged phone numbers and began to text each other whenever we got a chance if he wasn't at work. I know that its dangerous, but there was something special about him like I can trust him with anything.

He would call me beautiful and tell me how amazing I was, I remember the first time he told me that I was freaking out because Harry Styles had just called me beautiful. 

And I'll admit I got warm fluttering butterflies in my stomach whenever he said those things to me.  

I knew quite a lot about him before we actually talked on Omegle because he's in my favourite band One Direction.

He's a great guy and we surprisingly had a lot in common. He's just like a normal boy but extremely better looking, most of the stuff that people say in the press about him is not true, he's very grounded and down to earth.

After I read his short text message, I texted him back almost immediately, feeling butterflies in my stomach as my fingers hit the screen.

Allison- Hey Harold! :p. I just woke up, i had that bad dream again:( Anyway how's the recording for the new album? I'm excited to hear it :)

After I sent him the text I got a quick reply from him saying:

Harry- Nawwh :( another nightmare? Don't worry it's ok. And the recordings going great we've got a lot of songs to choose from to put on the album, we've written quite a lot of great songs we can't wait for the fans to hear it!! What time is it in London now babe? :)x

I personally can't wait to hear it, I'm a directioner myself,Harry knows that I am, but I'm not a crazy fan. I checked my clock and realised its bloody 7:30. I have to get ready for school, why didn't my alarm go off.

I quickly replied to Harry:  

Allison- it's 7:30 now I have to get ready for school,  

I'll text you later bye Harold:) Xx

I threw the covers off me and rushed out of bed towards my bathroom to take a quick shower. After I was done with my shower I walked over to my full length mirror. And I started applying some make-up while I wait for my hair to dry up.

I don't put on a lot of makeup like some other girls in school who have a think layer of foundation on their faces that looks flaky when you get close to them and big clumpy eyelashes. 

I simply wear some eyeliner, mascara and a little bit of concealer if I have bags under my eyes.  

I put on my daily school uniform and when my hair was dried, I got my straighteners and quickly straightened the frizzy mess which I call my hair.  

As soon as I was done I heard my phone go off it was underneath my pillow. I immediately rushed over and snatched it from my pillows. I knew exactly who it was from, Harry of course. I rarely got to talk to him because of the time difference and his work so when I did i tried to respond as fast as i could.

Harry- oh ok babe have a nice day at school :) I'm going to sleep now long day at the studio tomorrow and then a meet and great with some fans, good night ;) xx

Aww he's so cute , I could feel myself grinning from ear to ear like the Cheshire Cat in Alice in Wonderland.

I opened my blinds to let some light in before I go to school and the first thing I see outside the window is a lot of fog and the wet ground cause it was raining last night.

It was still summer but boy was it chilly out! I grabbed my coat and bag heading downstairs to get some breakfast.I lived with my mum, dad and brother.  

My mum and dad were always away working so it was mostly just me and my brother in the house most of the time, but i never had any desire to throw parties or anything like that. 

When I got downstairs I found a note on the fridge from my mum saying: 


Me and your father had to go  

for a short notice meeting that is out of town. 

We'll be back in a few days. 

There's food in the fridge and 

I left some money in the jar for emergencies. 

Your brother is with us he wasn't feeling good 

so we brought him along with us. 

See you soon. We love you and be good 

Xxox Mum

Great alone by myself for three days. I can invite Ellie to come and stay with me but maybe she's doing something this weekend with her boyfriend. 

Oh well I'll think about it later. I quickly prepared some cereal, I ate quickly. As soon as I finished I walked out the door heading to school. At least it's Friday though I thought making my way to school.

Thank you so much for reading. I hope you enjoy it and vote.  

Love you all :)

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