My Omegle Soulmate


8. Early night


Back to Allison's POV

I can't believe it... Tomorrow is finally Saturday!
Saturday is like PARADISE for me.
I got back home from school and saw that the house is empty... and dark. Where are the others? Then I quickly remembered that I was going to be alone for the whole weekend..

I opened the fridge and took out the things I needed to make a sandwich cause I'm so freakin hungry, I didn't finish the pizza I bought at school today cause it tasted like it was made of cardboard. As soon as I finished making my sandwich I placed it on my plate and immediately took a bite. 
I leaned against the kitchen counter just lost in my own thought when I heard my phone beep, as soon as I heard it I hurriedly got my phone out of my pocket thinking it was Harry but it turned out to be my mum just asking if I was okay, I simply replied I was okay.

After that I grabbed my plate and strolled up the stairs to my bed that was calling my name.

"ugh I'm so tired" I said to myself as I collapsed on my bed. I turned to my side table and placed my phone on my dock station and started blasting out my sleep play-list (yes I have a sleep play-list) it mostly consisted of my favourite slow One Direction songs and some others.

I felt my eyes slightly drooping, I'm so exhausted. Soon I fell asleep with my sandwich at my side.

A/N: Sorry I know the chapter was short but ive been real busy with some homework. 
Anyway I will update very soon. 
Thank you for reading and please comment or vote :D- Niallerswife1D

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