My Omegle Soulmate


13. Another Day


Allison's POV

Monday morning---- 

I fell out of bed to the sound of my extremely loud alarm clock.  

Goddamn I said to myself, as i got off the floor and looked at the clock 

7:30 oh sh*t! I need to get ready for school I have to leave for school in like 10 minutes.

I got up and ran to my closet quickly grabbing my normal uniform and putting it on as fast as I could. Soon after I managed to put on my uniform, I rushed to the bathroom to wash my face and brush my teeth quickly. Afterwards I brushed my hair it wouldn't stay straight so I just tied it into a messy bun.  

I grabbed my phone ( which is hopefully fully charged) I also picked up my bag off the floor and headed towards the kitchen where I just got a banana, since I didn't have enough time to go actually make breakfast and I rushed out the door to school with banana and phone in hand.

Soon I arrived in school and just as my foot stepped into the hallway the bell rang. I rushed straight to my first class which was History , luckily I was in the same class as Ellie. I got to the classroom quickly and I sat in my seat next to El.

~^~^~school finishes^~^~^~^~^

I finally arrived on my street and I noticed that my mum and dads car was parked by the house. They're back a bit early. 

I went up to my front door opening it quickly so I could get out of the wet weather.  

"Mum?!" I shouted out loudly as I took of my wet coat leaving it on the coat hanger. 

"In the kitchen!" I heard her shout back. I walked in the kitchen to see her standing at the counter mixing what looked like a cake mixture with her "Proud Directioner Mum" apron on it, I got her that for Christmas last year now she just wear it a lot.

"Hey mum, I thought you were gonna come back tommorow?"

"yeah we were ,but the meeting that was scheduled for tommorow was cancelled, so we just decided to come back home."

"oh ok ,then where's dad and Alex (A/N: her little brother)."

"They're upstairs asleep , they didn't sleep at all during our way back home, so don't disturb them"

"Ok don't worry I won't" I said as I left the kitchen heading upstairs to my room to do some homework.

Halfway through my homework I heard my phone vibrate and I knew exactly who it was.



Hey Ally! what's up? :)x



Nothin really I was just doing my homework n thinkin about you :) x 



oh ,you were thinking about me were you?... ;)x


Omg I'm blushing about this now, I replied back;


Shut up Harry, ^.^I was just think about whether to text you now Incase you were asleep :p x 




Are you sure that's all? ;) n well I'm not asleep :)xx



I think Ive realized that you're not sleeping right now n no nothing else actually :p xx

"ALLISON! CAN YOU COME DOWN FOR A MINUTE PLEASE!!" I heard my mum shouting from downstairs.

"OK! I'm coming"



Sorry Hazza I have to go now my mum's calling me I'll be back in a bit :) xx


soon after;


Ok Al, but hurry back to Harry ;)  

:p xx 




Haha lmao!!! XD ok I will hurry back :p xx




A/N: ok so that was the first chapter I have written in a long time! 

I apologise to all the people who have been waiting on me to update sorry, I've been really busy with exams and plus I had writers block. 

Anywho I have receive a few messages from some to you asking to be in the story and don't worry you'll come in very soon I'm working on the chapters now so be patient.!! :) x 

I hope you've enjoyed this chapter pls comment,vote :p  


Niallerswife1D xoxo

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