Sleepover with One Direction Gone Haywire

Julia doesn't realize that her best friends, the boys from One Direction, all have a crush on her. Harry, Louis, Niall, Liam and Zayn all know that Julia only sees them as friends but they want more. Everything goes crazy at a sleepover at Louis' house.


2. Truth or Dare


             "Truth or dare?" Zayn asks Julia.

"Dare!" She exclaims.

"I dare you to kiss me." Zayn, who now has a devious smirk, replies.


"Fine. I dare you to makeout with..... Louis."

"What? Wait....What?"I say as I look at her. Julia and I are both uncontrollably blushing now.

              "Go on." Zayn mumbles to himself. I go over to Julia and sit down next to her. We were looking each other in the eyes when someone decided to push our lips together. After about three minutes Zayn finally let go.

               "Well.....Um..... Technically I haven't done my dare yet, so..." I cut her off with a passionate kiss. As soon as the kiss ended Julia ran upstairs. Quickly following, I run up the stairs, seeing her go into my bedroom. I go in only to see nobody, that is, until I hear crying.

               "Julia?" I whisper. I saw my blankets move and realize that she is sitting on the floor next to my bed. Without her noticing, I slowly and quietly walk over to her and wrap one arm around her waist and the other around her upper stomach.

"Whats wrong?"



"Nothing, okay!" She tries making a run for it but I am faster.


Louis closed the door, pushing me up against it.

"Julia, whats wrong?"

"Fine, i'll tell you. I don't want that kiss to ruin our friendship."

Louis sighed, "Julia...To be honest, I have had a crush on you since 9th grade."

"Oh." I say trying not to laugh at the smirk playing across his lips.

"Well, now that you know... Will you go out with me?"

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