Sleepover with One Direction Gone Haywire

Julia doesn't realize that her best friends, the boys from One Direction, all have a crush on her. Harry, Louis, Niall, Liam and Zayn all know that Julia only sees them as friends but they want more. Everything goes crazy at a sleepover at Louis' house.


3. Spin the Bottle


             "Of course Louis! I would love to be your girlfriend. Just... How are we going to tell the boys?" Julia questions me with fear in her eyes. I know and she knows that all of us boys have a crush on her. And I know Niall and Julia both "secretly" like each other.

              "Well for now we should act as if nothing happened. So basically we have to act like we are still only friends. Okay?"

              "I guess."

               "Lets go before they get suspicions." I open the door and follow her downstairs.



            "Lets play spin-the-bottle. Whoever it lands on Julia has to kiss." I say way to loudly and confidently. You could see Louis tense up at the word kiss.

            "Um...Okay lets play." Julia says, clearly trying to take the spotlight off of Louis. Harry grabbed a bottle and handed it to her. She spun it, anxious to find out who she has to kiss. It lands on...



          I have to kiss... Harry. Dang it! Harry comes over and sits next to me and says with a wink, "Ready?"

          "I guess." I choke back a sob. He grabs my hand pulling me on top of him. What the heck! He starts kissing me, immediately his tongue asking for permission to enter. I don't know why, but I allowed it. We stayed like this until Louis cleared his throat.



           I know I can easily lose Julia to Harry, so I clear my throat. Julia quickly pulled away from Harry, but continued sitting on his lap. Well then!

          "How about we watch a movie now?" I suggest.

          "Ok." Everyone but Harry and Julia reply. Then I notice that they are kissing again. I get up and throw a pillow at them. Julia, quickly realizing what she just did, hurries over to me and whispers in my ear.

            "Louis, I'm so sorry, that wasn't met to happen."

             "Its okay Love." I whisper back. She starts giggling and Harry notices, throwing a pillow at us. I go to talk to Harry and watch Niall go over to Julia, whispering something in her ear.



           I grab Julia's hand and whisper in her ear, "Come with me to get the food."

            "Ok." She shyly replied. Why is she acting all shy? We've been friends since 5th grade. I followed her into the kitchen. In front of me, she abruptly stopped.

            "Whats wrong?"

            "Spi-spi-spider." She stammered, pointing to a large, hairy spider. I grab a napkin and kill it.

            "Thanks." She mumbled.

            "No problem, but you owe me."


            "You have to sit with me during the movie."


              We grabbed popcorn, candy and sodas. Liam and Louis were on the floor while Zayn and Harry were on the recliners. We sat on the sofa, pulling on a fleece blanket. Louis kept glancing at us like he was jealous. Weird. We all ended up agreeing on watching The Hunger Games.



          Niall put his arm around me, pulling me closer. I noticed Louis glancing up at us, like, every five minutes. Seeing that I have known the longest, I lay my head down on his lap, looking up at his perfect features. He saw me and smiled making me laugh a little. After 15 minuted of actually watching the movie I heard everyone snoring. I looked around noticing that only Niall and I are still awake. He pulls me up from the couch and leads me into the kitchen.

          "Niall, what are we doing?"

          "I need more food. And I wanted to do this..." He lifted me up, placing me on the counter. He leaned in and started kissing, no, making out with me. I didn't know what else to do so I started kissing back. As soon as the kiss ended Niall looked at me, asking with his eyes, 'Do you want to kiss again or..'

           "I have a boyfriend!" I blurted out.

           "Oh." A deep pink color rose to his cheeks. "I'm sorry. I had no idea. But I would love to meet him sometime."

            "Okay." I said in a small voice.

             "Do you want to do the honors of waking the boys up or shall I?" He asked me, puling out a blow horn.

           "PICK ME! PICK ME" I whisper/yelled.

           "Okay. You shall do the honors." We went into the living room. I crouched down behind the couch with Niall and raised the blow horn up, blowing it.

             "AHHHH!" The boys woke with a start. We popped up from behind the couch laughing are butts off.

           The movie just ended so Harry., Niall, Liam and Louis went to go get  changed. That left me with.... Zayn.

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