Sleepover with One Direction Gone Haywire

Julia doesn't realize that her best friends, the boys from One Direction, all have a crush on her. Harry, Louis, Niall, Liam and Zayn all know that Julia only sees them as friends but they want more. Everything goes crazy at a sleepover at Louis' house.


1. Invited



             "Hello Love."

              "Hi Louis. Whats up?"

"Do you want to sleepover with me and the boys?"

"Yeah, I would love to!"

"Ok I will pick you up in thirty minutes."

"'Kay bye Louis!"


              I hung up and started packing. Just as I had finished Louis pulled up in his car.



"'Kay lets go!!!"

               We got in the car and drove off down the road. That's when I realized that Louis lived an hour away, so he was on his way to my house before I said yes. Okay then....

                I was interrupted by Louis picking me up, grabbing my luggage and run inside.

"JULIA!!!!!!!!" The boys yell.

"Hi guys." I chuckle. Wow i'm popular. Louis put me down and ran my luggage up to his room.

"So what do you want to do first?" Liam asked me.

"Um...... How about truth or dare?"

"Okay!" They all yell.

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