Tony Perry / Vic Fuentes Fan Fiction

If you kiss me goodnight, I'll know, everything is alright'

A story that starts with Tony's heart being broken and Vic picking up the pieces, but what happens when all is revealed...


2. Kissing In Cars

5 minutes later, I see Vic's car turning onto my street, I quickly wipe away the tears from my eyes and turn down the music blasting from my stereo. Vic parks his car in front of mine and comes to sit in the passenger seat. He looks me in the eyes and reaches over and rubs my shoulder.

'How you doing bro?' The concern in his voice was obvious and somewhat comforting.

'Pretty sh*tty if I'm honest.' There's no point lying to him.

'Tell me what happened then?' He asked with caution and I told him everything, leaving nothing out and he was shocked, he always seemed to like Rachel and thought she was good for me. 

'F*ck, this is pretty tough, but you've been through worse, and you've still got me and the boys.' He said with his cute, cheeky grin.

'I know but I loved her you know? She's all that I've been living for recently and I can't even think about living without her, she is just perfect and I need her.'

'But she's done this to you, she doesn't deserve you, because you are amazing and a wonderful person and you deserve only the best.' Wow, does he really think that? 'And it's kind of a good thing that she's done this to you in a way because now you know that she is a piece of sh*t and you can leave her, like she deserves.' 

I didn't think about like that, he has a point, in a way I'm glad I'm not with her anymore, but that's not going to stop me missing her.

'Thanks Vic, you're a really good mate to me' I say looking into his eyes.
'You deserve it' He is too adorable, I lean over to give him a hug and before I know it we are making out. 

What am I doing? He's my best friend, this is wrong, I still love Rachel, but it feels so right. 

Wow he's a great kisser, I feel comforted as he pulls away and I see him grinning sweetly. My face must be a picture of shock, confusion and wonder.

'Umm..' was all I could manage to say before Vic cut in.

'Sorry, I didn't mean, well I uh yeah sorry.' Awh he really ia adorable.

'It's fine, don't worry, just forget it.' hopefully not talking about what just happened would make it less awkward for us. 'Where can we go then? Maybe back to your friends'?'

'Well, I was thinking we could go back to mine and watch a couple of movies, like we used to, you know, the good old days? It could be pretty fun.'

'Yeah sure, what are we going to watch though? You have a terrible taste in movies.' It's true, he did. 

'I was thinking maybe Star Wars.' 

'Do you even need to ask if I'm coming then?' Of course!' I say without thinking. Oh crap. What if it's awkward for us? What will I do? I could always leave I suppose, I could sleep in the car if I have to.

'Well I'll drive in my car and you go in yours as it'd probably not a good idea if you leave your car here, Rachel might do something to it' oh yeah, I didn't think of that. 'I'll pick up a pizza on the way home and you can let yourself into my place and get the movie ready, okay?'

'Yeah, sure, sounds like a plan, seeya in about half an hour.'

I have a feeling I'm going to have a great night.

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