Tony Perry / Vic Fuentes Fan Fiction

If you kiss me goodnight, I'll know, everything is alright'

A story that starts with Tony's heart being broken and Vic picking up the pieces, but what happens when all is revealed...


3. King For A Day

~ Vic's POV ~

As I get into my car, I have no idea what has just happened. Well I do know, I did the thing that I've wanted to do for about three years. I've always had a thing for Tony, ever since we met, but it was just a crush back then and I learnt to control it, but the more I got to know him, I fell in love, but I have great reason to, he is the most kind-hearted, sweet, adoring, perfect person I've ever met and I want no one other than him. 

I pull into the pizzeria and I try to push my thoughts of Tony to the back of my mind as I order both of our favourite pizzas and some chicken side dishes. 

When my order has arrived, I have decided that I shouldn't be nervous and act cool, like I normally would, He wanted it for god's sake.

I can't help but feel like the luckiest person on the earth right now. I can't believe Rachel did this to him, what's wrong with her? Tony is perfect, she's crazy to throw him away.

~ Tony's POV ~

When I arrive at Vic's house I am shaking uncontrollably, which is stupid really, I've stayed here over night so many times it's, basically my second home, so I have no reason to be like this. It feels really natural and comforting to open his door with my key as if I live here, wow, that would be perfect. 

I go to Vic's room and pick up all of his duvets, blankets and pillows and carry them to the living room, which has the biggest tv and I put Star Wars into the DVD player fumbling as I open the tray. F*ck why am I so nervous? I need to relax. I go into the kitchen to make some popcorn and I prepare some other snacks for me and Vic, I'm just carrying them into the living room when I hear the door open


what do I do?


'Hey Tone' Vic calls from the hallway as the smell of pizza hits me. I can hear the nerves in his voice, at least I'm not the only one.

'Heya I'm in here' I call back trying to sound as normal as possible, which believe me, is difficult. Vic walks into the living room and says 'You hungry?' with his unintentionally cheeky grin. 

'Always' I reply and reach for the box of pizza he just placed on the floor in the middle of the nest I made up of his blankets and stuff. 'He reaches for his pizza  and then I go and play the movie. I feel like we need to talk but I don't know what to say. We can't just ignore what happened earlier, but I don't want to ruin tonight as I have no where else to go. After five minutes of eating Vic finally says 'So uh yeah um earlier?' wow this is as awkward as I expected 'What was that?'

'I don't know' That's the honest answer, well I do know, I know that I'm in love with him and would do anything to kiss him again, but I cant' say that now, can I? 'Neither do I. Well I,'m sorry'

What? 'You're sorry? What for?'

'Well.. kissing you like that, I uh couldn't help it' he starts to blush and looks uncomfortable 'I liked it, don't worry, I'm glad you did to be honest I've been wanting to since we met' He looks genuinely shocked at this 'Really? Well, same' Wow, sh*t,wow, oh. my. god.

'What are we going to do now then?' Is the only thing I can thing to say that makes me sound slightly normal. I mean, I would love to start something with him, like a proper relationship but would he want that? I mean, he's straight for f*cks sake. And right then he kisses me again and he takes my breath away.

This seems too perfect to be true. I'm kissing my best friend, the guy that I've been in love with since we met and we're watching star wars and eating pizza. All thoughts of Rachel and that scumbag guy she was with are banished from my mind as we sit here on the floor in each others arms. 

He pulls away and I blush. 'So,..uh would you like to be my boyfriend?' This is really happening oh my god. 'Yes! of course' I reply giving him another kiss on the nose and I pull him into a spooning position and we fall asleep not long after.

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