Tony Perry / Vic Fuentes Fan Fiction

If you kiss me goodnight, I'll know, everything is alright'

A story that starts with Tony's heart being broken and Vic picking up the pieces, but what happens when all is revealed...


4. Besitos

((So sorry about the wait I didn't think anyone was reading this but I'm writing now so yh w/e)) I wake up at 7am after a really rough nights sleep. I turn round to find Vic's arms wrapped around my waist whilst he's still sleeping, he really looks adorable, I give him a kiss on the cheek before climbing out of our nest that's littered with empty pizza boxes. I find my phone on the kitchen side and find 27 missed calls and 53 texts from Rachel. F*ck, what am I going to do? I just put the phone down and start making some breakfast for me and Vic, trying not to care and besides, I'm starving. 10 minutes later, the frying pan was full of bacon, eggs, sausages and tomatoes and bread was in the toaster. And my phone starts ringing, I check who it is already knowing by the butterflies in my stomach, Rachel. F*ck. "Hello?" I say as if I didn't know who it was. "Tony please" She's crying, I feel terrible, despite knowing it's her fault "Look I'm sorry Tone, I messed up, just forgive me" "No! You don't deserve it, I don't deserve this. You can't act like I didn't catch you in bed with him, and neither can I" "But babe please I love you" "Bullsh*t, if you loved me you wouldn't have f*cked another guy, would you?" "That was a mistake!" Oh yeah, she just accidentally fell into bed with him? "A mistake? No, you were the mistake!" I put the phone down, burst into tears and fall to the floor. I just give up. 5 minutes later I hear footsteps behind me and Vic clears his throat. I don't react, my head is in my hands and I'm still crying and I feel ashamed, I shouldn't care about her anymore. ic sits down next to me and puts his arm around me and simply says. "It'll be okay buddy." I hug him back and rest my head on his chest, but I'm still crying. We sit like this for half an our before I've stopped crying. "So uhh, what happened?" He asked. "Rachel called me and we argued" "Oh that's tough, maybe you should avoid talking to her for a few days, give you time to think it over and get used to being away from her then you should talk properly, clear the air" He's right, if I talk to her again I'll just lose it completely. "I suppose, but I'm going to have to go home, I mean, I live there I have no where else to stay." I really haven't thought this through. "You can live with me stupid! This is basically your second home anyway and you're welcome all the time! At it would make sense now considering you know...." He said the last bit with the cutest grin on his face and I just want to hug him forever. "Of course, thank you Vic, you're the best, should I go and get my things from hers? I didn't pick up most of my important things,she's not keeping my DVD collection or any of my music" Vic starts giggling despite his concern, "I wasn't really thinking straight yesterday." That would be harder than it sounds, I can't face her right now, I would probably try and forgive her and I can't let myself do that. "How about, I ring one of Rachel's mates and get them to get her out of the house for an hour or so then you can go and get the rest of your things without having to even talk to her" "Okay, sure that sounds great, thanks" H'es too good. ~ Vic's POV ~ Two hours later We've just left Tony and Rachel's house as the phone rings it's Jaime. I instinctively look at Tony as I don't know what to do, we haven't really talked this through and I don't want to hide anything from him and Mike. "Leave it" Tony decides after a long pause, so I do. I let Tony go into his house on his own, I didn't know how he'd feel or react so I thought it best he went alone, and he seemed to agree, when he came out twenty minutes later it looked as if he'd been crying but I thought I ought not pry. "Should we go to Vince's? Then we can get Mike and Jaime to meet us in an hour or so" Vince's is our favourite cafe and all four of us always go there for a snack and will be the perfect place to talk. "Yeah that sounds cool, gives us time to talk, do you want to ring Jaime back now? Say I left my phone on silent or something" I do that a lot so it seems feasible. 10 minutes later we're pulling into Vince's having planned to meet the boys in 45 minutes. We grab a table and order some drinks. "So" I say, not sure where I'm going with this. "Us, you sure you want this?" I don't want to push him but I have to know. "Yes of course, I have for so long I just kinda put it to the back of my mind because of Rachel and well the fact that you're my best friend. I didn't even think it was possible that you'd feel the same way so I kinda gave up hope - I know it sounds stupid and corny but it's true." Woah, I was not expecting that. "Well it's the same for me really, I feel so bad not telling you or even hinting I just thought I was being stupid." "Well stop thinking that because I really, really like you." Tony said with a cute grin and giving me a peck on the cheek. "Okay so now we've got that cleared up we need to work out how we're going to do this. It's nothing personal I'm just not ready to have everyone knowing, I'm sorry" It's true, I'm shocked and confused myself and I've felt like this for ages so imagine how other people will feel. "I agree, I'll tell my mum eventually maybe in a few months depending on how it's going and a couple of friends." "Yeah, I'll tell mine too" They're not ignorant or anything they'll be fine, and glad I'm happy. "How about Mike and Jaime? We have to tell them, I just cant keep it from them. They'll be cool about it too surely" I hope they are, they'll be shocked but they're cool. "Yeah, should we tell them now? they'll be here soon," He's starting to get nervous, he's biting the skin around his thumb. I've always found it adorable but now's not the time to tell him. "I suppose, sooner rather than later." They'll be here in about five minutes so I've got no time to back out of it, sh*t. "What if people find out, like fans and stuff?" "They won't I promise." he said suddenly kissing me on the lips. I stop thinking and just kiss back, this is all I want right now and I'm so happy. I can feel Tony smiling through the kiss too and everything is going perfectly.
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