The Apocalypse

When a girl and her family in New Orleans enter the zombie apocaplypse with their neighbrs. Will they survive? Will they find a place for them to live in safty? Will they ever be safe? It's all a question, but the most important one of all is: Will they all turn?


1. The Begining of the End

Zombies. We had all seen the movies, but no one had thought that it could actually happen. But they were wrong. Some people were prepared, like my neighbors, Mary and Jack. They had a bunker, with stored food and guns; so many guns. When the pandemic came, we stayed with them, but they had only prepared for a family of 4, not of 8. Let me introduce myself, my name is Mia Smith, and I, am a survivor.

I have a family of four, including myself: my mom, Vanessa, my dad, Steven, my older brother, Jacob, and me. We live – ‘scuse me – lived in a quiet little town in the middle of the great city of New Orleans. We had relatively sane neighbors and a nice house. But on August 6th, 2005, at 3:21 a.m., we heard a lot of screaming and sirens. We rushed outside and saw absolute chaos. We saw our neighbors rushing into their cars or just running barefoot in their pajamas. We ran up to someone to ask what was happening and he said,

 “ZOMBIES! Those scientists in Switzerland brought back the dead! That’s what they did!”

Then he ran off. In case you haven’t been watching the news for the past few weeks, let me catch you up.

The scientists at the Switzerland Analytical Laboratory have been experimenting with chemicals to try to bring back dead cells. They said that they could bring back loved ones, or bring back people with important information. Well, apparently, it didn't quite fully bring back the cells. So it just kind of made zombie plants and animals.

So then when the scientists quit, they had breathed in the virus, and then carried it back to whatever country they were from. Then one of the scientists meets with all the representatives from every state in the US in some kind of press conference to talk about their discoveries. While they meet, the scientist spread it to all of the representatives and to our president. The virus took a few days to take action, but when it did, it killed all of the important political and military people, causing our government to crash.

Then it just kind of spread everywhere. Well now it had come and infected my town and was spreading like wild fire, which was not a good thing for obvious reasons. I heard Jack shouting our names. I got my parents attention and pointed to our neighbor. They ran over with my brother and me in tow.

Mary was telling my parents to come in to the bunker that they had, that they would protect us. My parents agreed and we went around to the back of their house where we saw a metal door in the floor with a huge lock on it. Mary grabbed a key from one of her many pockets and unlocked the door and Jack led us inside.

Their bunker was a lot bigger than I thought it would be. It looked like it was at least 30 feet long and about 15 feet wide. It was tall enough so that I could stand, with a few extra feet. Now my family are relatively tall people, I’m the youngest at 13 years-old and I’m 5’7”, so that’s saying something. From floor to ceiling, I saw rows of shelves filled with food and water bottles. On the back of the room I saw racks of guns of every size. We also saw couches and chairs and even a couple of beds. I saw that Jack and Mary’s kids were already sound asleep on the beds. Lucky them I thought. I looked to my parents and my brother, but I found that my parents were already talking to Mary and Jack and that Jacob was already crashed on one of the wooden chairs. I felt like I was about to drop to but first I had to find out something.

“What’s going on out there?!?” I demanded, “What are those…things?!”

“Shhhh!!! Keep your voice down! These walls aren't sound proof.” Mary told me, “Those ‘things’ as you called them are zombies, or you can come up with another name. But they feed on living human flesh. If you get bitten, but not fully eaten than you turn into one of them, but if you die without being bitten or eaten, then you turn anyway.” Mary informed me.

“How do you know so much about this?” I whispered.

“Because we've been studying, getting ready for any kind of pandemic.” Jack replied for her.

“Mom, I’m tired, im gonna go crash on one of the couches, k?” I asked my mom.

“Is that OK Mary?”

“Oh ya. Sure. Go ahead. We need to talk anyway.” Mary replied.

“Alright. Night, love ya’ll.” I told them. Then went over to a couch and fell into a deep sleep with dreams filled with zombies and death.

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