The Apocalypse

When a girl and her family in New Orleans enter the zombie apocaplypse with their neighbrs. Will they survive? Will they find a place for them to live in safty? Will they ever be safe? It's all a question, but the most important one of all is: Will they all turn?


2. Running Out

I woke up feeling groggy. It took me a second to remember where I was and what had happened. I looked around the bunker and saw that everyone but Jack was in bed. He must be on watch. Although he wasn’t doing a very good job, I saw him asleep clutching the gun like how a child clutches a teddy bear. I laid back down on the couch and thought about last night. I thought about all the people I had seen torn apart and who else might have lost their lives to the vicious walkers. That’s what I was now calling the zombies: walkers. I kept thinking about all my friends at school, whether or not they had survived. I kept thinking about my best friend Rian. I wondered if she had survived or not. I knew she was tough, but was she tough enough to survive this? I hoped so, maybe we’ll meet again I thought hopefully. But the chance of that happening was too slim to give me much hope. I heard someone whisper my name, interrupting my thoughts. I turned and looked to see who it was. It was Jacob.

“Mia, are you up?” whispered my older brother.

“Yea, what’s up?”

“Are you kinda freaked out about this whole thing? With the zombies and everything?”

“Ya, totally. But what can you do? The virus has already spread, and I’m calling them walkers now. It kinda makes me feel better not to call them ‘zombies’.” I replied.

“Oh, ya, that’s a good idea.” He agreed.

“Do ya know if anyone else is up?” I asked him.

“Nah, not yet. Should we wake them up?”

“No let them sleep. But I do think we should wake Jack up. He’s being a terrible guard dog.” We both looked over and Jack, still clutching the gun like his life depended on it, and laughed quietly.

“Do you want to do it?” I asked Jacob.

“Nah, you can do it.” He replied.

“You’re kidding, right? I don’t want to wake up a man with a fully armed shotgun!” I answered.

“Me neither!” he said. So it went back and forth like this for a little while until I had the bright idea that we go wake him up together. I tap one shoulder while Jacob taps the other, then we duck down and try not to get shot. Great plan, right? So we tip-toed over there and taped once on each shoulder, then we ducked down.

“UH! WU…! DIE ZOMBIE SCUM!!” he yelled, swinging his gun and arms around almost hitting Jacob in the face, who had thought that it was safe to stand up.

“Whoa, there Jack. It’s just us, Mia and Jacob, remember?” I said catching his hands and slowly taking the gun from him and setting it on the floor.

“Huh? Oh ya...” he said, obviously embarrassed. “What are you guys doing up? You should be asleep, don’t worry I’ve got the watch.”

“Well,” I started, “Jacob and I were thinking that we could take the watch. You seem a little tired.” I told him, remembering watching him sleep.

“Are you guys sure? Do you know how to shoot and aim a gun?” he inquired.

“Ya, I mean yes sir,” I corrected myself, “Our parents taught us how when we were on the shooting range in Shelby County.” I said, whipping out the 9 millimeter that I always slept with.

“Oh ya, I forgot you guys were originally from Alabama.”

“Yessir. So, what’dya say? Can we take watch?”

“Sure, why not, since your such experts.” He joked, picking up and handing Jacob the gun that I had taken from him.


This is the way it past for a couple of weeks until one day, Mary told us to gather around her ‘cause she had somethin’ important to tell us.

“I’m sad to say that we’re running low on food—" She was interrupted by a bunch of protests and moans.

“Hey now! Everybody shush! Now, we could either leave and take our chances in the world outside of this bunker, or we could make a run to the other houses, and search for food, and come back here.”

There was a pause as everyone digested this information, deciding what to do first. It was Jacob who was the first one to speak out:

“I think we should leave.” He said with as much authoritly as a 17 year-old boy can muster.

“Me too,” I agreed. It took a couple of seconds, but eventually, everyone agreed. That was that then. We were leaving, taking our chances in the new cruel-zombie-infested world.

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