The Apocalypse

When a girl and her family in New Orleans enter the zombie apocaplypse with their neighbrs. Will they survive? Will they find a place for them to live in safty? Will they ever be safe? It's all a question, but the most important one of all is: Will they all turn?


3. Leaving

We decided to leave in the morning and check all the houses for any more essential supplies like water, food, and ammo/guns. We also decided to go to our old house to collect important things. Like a picture of your grandma or your favorite stuffed animal. Things that held sweet memories of before this all happened. We packed everything up in backpacks and decided to get some shut-eye, knowing we’d all need it for tomorrow. Mary and Jack also snuck outside and grabbed some extra gasoline from whatever cards were left, and put it in gas cans. It was dangerous but necessary.

In the morning, we all grabbed our packs and guns and got ready to go outside. Mary told us that there weren’t too many walkers outside, meaning that they had already moved on, or that there were some survivors who had guns that had shot them down. Either way, when we opened the door, we quickly and quietly walked outside, all of us checking over our shoulders and making sure there wasn’t anyone or anything behind us. We made it over to our house without uttering a word and went inside. We found the place looking pretty much the same, with just a few broken things littered on the floor from where the walkers must have bumped into them. Jacob, Jack, and Mary went and did a scout of the house to make sure there weren’t any leftover walkers that would sneak up on us later. While they did that, mom, dad, and I closed the front door and locked it. Then we went to my old room so that I could change into proper clothes and collect my favorite stuff. They told me not to get to many things ‘cause it would add extra weight and might slow me down if I was ever running.

I decided to bring a picture of the whole family that we had taken a coupled years ago at Big Waves Water Park, my favorite book, and my favorite knife. When I walked out I say that Jacob was already done picking his stuff and mom and dad were going towards their room, about to get their favorite stuff. I went up to Jacob and asked him what he was bringing.

“Oh, you know just some of my favorite things.” He replied quietly. I could see the pained look in his eyes as he thought about having to leave this place.

“What are they?” I asked.

“Um….” He started, “you know the present you gave me in’ 03?”


“Well, I’m bringin’ that, and the picture of Celia—“at this point he choked up. Probably thinking of his girlfriend, Celia who he thought must have been eaten. Celia was Rian’s sister, so I knew how he felt.

“Anything else?” I probed.

“Uh…ya. I also got that knife that Uncle Alex gave to me.”

“I brought mine too.” I said. At that moment, as we finished talking, mom, dad, Jack, and Mary all walked up and asked us if we had everything that we needed. I told them that I had brought an extra pair of clothes to and they said that that was a good idea. Then we told them that we had everything and they said it was time to go. We all walked out of our front door for probably the last time and looked back at it. Mary and Jack kept walking towards the car as my family just stood there. This was nothing like moving to another house in another state. We all knew that, once we left, we would have no other place to really live like we had; no other place would feel as homey as this one had. We all knew that once we left, there was no coming back. I don’t really know how long we just stood there staring, but it took Jack and Mary a few seconds to get us out of our stupor. 

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