The Apocalypse

When a girl and her family in New Orleans enter the zombie apocaplypse with their neighbrs. Will they survive? Will they find a place for them to live in safty? Will they ever be safe? It's all a question, but the most important one of all is: Will they all turn?


5. Home For Now

We rode for what seemed like days, but was actually only a couple of hours. Over the ride, the constant movement of the car lulled me to sleep. My mom woke me up in what felt like seconds. She told me that we were here and to help me wake up and help get out Rian. I got out of the huge car and stretched my arms and legs. I reached in the back and got my gun while Jacob helped Celia out of the car. I looked at Rian's small sleeping form. I didn't want to wake her up, so i did a 180 and turned around to check our surroundings. It looked like we were at an abandoned Military base

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