The Apocalypse

When a girl and her family in New Orleans enter the zombie apocaplypse with their neighbrs. Will they survive? Will they find a place for them to live in safty? Will they ever be safe? It's all a question, but the most important one of all is: Will they all turn?


4. Finding Friends

They told us it was time to check the other houses for more supplies. I wanted to check Rian’s house first, and I had a feeling that Jacob did too. So Dad, Jacob, and I all went to the end of the street, where Rian lived, and went in their house. As soon as we entered, I could tell that something was wrong. The house was emptied of all food and weapons. But there was also blood in some places. I couldn’t tell if it was human or walker blood, but either way, there was blood everywhere. That meant that either Rian’s family got away or someone had already some a taken their stuff. There was another possibility, but it was just too horrible to think about. My thoughts were interrupted by a click. Sounding a lot like a gun being cocked, I looked up and saw the dad had his gun cocked and was slowly walked towards and closed door. I noticed it was one of the only closed doors in the hallway. When I looked at dad, he held his fingers up to his lips, telling me to be quiet. I turned around and gave Jacob the same signal. He nodded that he understood, and we both cocked our guns too. Then crept up behind dad, while he slowly and quietly opened the door, then we charged in with our guns ready for anything. Well almost anything. Sitting there in the corner was Rian and Celia. A little scraped up and bloody with a few holes. I saw that Rian’s leg and arm were bleeding profusely and that it looked like she had been shot, I wondered who had shot her I thought, but my thoughts were interrupted when Celia saw Jacob, and jumped up and ran towards him in a flying hug tackle. They embraced and I saw the Jacob had tears in his eyes. I slowly walked over to the still form of Rian, thinking the worst, but when I touched her hand, her head jerked up and she yelled,

“No more!! No more zombies! PLEASE!!” she cried, tears already streaming down her face.

“Shhhh! It’s ok, we aren’t zombies, remember, it’s me Mia. I’m your best friend.” I said slowly and smoothly. It took her a little while but when she did recognize me, she did the same thing that Celia did to Jacob: hug tackled me. I was so happy that I had my best friend back. I knew that whatever happened, at least we had each other.

Jacob said that we should probably bring Celia and Rian back to Mary and Jack. I agreed so we helped carry back Rian while Celia limped, all the time never letting go of Jacob. I could tell that they were both happy to see each other. When we got to Mary and Jack, they were both a little happy and a little mad that we had brought Celia and Rian back with us. They told us that we might not have enough food and supplies for them.

“What were we supposed to do? We couldn’t just leave them there to die!” I screamed in fury at them.

“Fine we’ll take them with us, but if we run out of food and die, it’s on you.” She seethed.

“Fine then, now let’s get in the car before walkers come running.” I said, then without waiting for an answer told Jacob to help bring Celia over here and I carried Rian to the car. We put Rian in the back on a bunch of blankets so that she would be comfortable then we helped Celia into the car and she sat next to Jacob and leaned on his shoulder. I sat in the back with Rian to keep her company in case she woke up. Then Mary got in the river seat with Jack in the passengers. Then mom and dad got in with dad next to Celia, and mom by me and Rian. I didn’t know where we were going, or how we would do when we got there. But I did know that as long as we had each other, that we would be fine.

 As the car started and took off, mom and I started bandaging Rian’s wounds. There was a lot of screaming going on and blood was dripping on the towel. But we finally got the 2 bullets out of her, and she passed out of pure fatigue. My mom and I sat back looking at our blood covered hands.

“We need to wash this off somehow. The smell will attract walkers,” I informed my mom.

“When we stop, we’ll wash them off, and wash of Rian too,” She added as an afterthought.

“Alright, should we have a look at Celia’s leg?” I asked.

“No, let her and Jacob have some time together.” She said, casting a glance at the two of them snuggling up besides each other. We fell into silence, each of us having our own thoughts, until I said,

“We only found Celia and Rian.”

“Yes, so?” My mother responded.

“Then, I wonder what happened to the rest of their family,” I said, looking first at Rian then at Celia.

“That’s a good question, but let’s asks them when they’re feeling better. Also it’d be rude to wake up Rian after what she’s been through. You know their family wasn’t as prepared as us, since they’ve always lived in New Orleans.”

“Yeah, but I’m still really curious,” I replied thoughtfully. “Who do you think shot Rian?” I asked, pointing at the now covered bullet holes in Rian’s leg and arm.

“I don’t know,” my mom said, “maybe a survivor came in to take all of their stuff, and shot her to get away, so that the walkers would kill her instead of him.”

“Or maybe, the walkers have learned how to shoot,” I inquired.

“For the sake of all of us, I hope not, I sure hope not.” My mom said ominously, stroking my hair.

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