The Secret Sensation

Okay , so Hannah Montana always confused me , and right now I am pretty freaking obsessed with her. So I thought just for a new book idea. BTW this is NOT a fan fiction! Just a diary/story.



2. #2

I woke up and went into the bathroom. I looked a mess. I took out my scruffy side plait and turned it into a neat high ponytail. I looked at my phone the time said 8:02. I had to be at school by 8:35. I rushed to my closet and picked out a red tank top a pair of paste jeans with my black Converse. I put on my foundation and mascara with lip gloss. I brushed my teeth and grabbed a cereal bar. I knocked at Lillys door . She grabbed her back pack and ran out the door shouting "BYE MOM". We walked up the road without saying a word, something must be wrong with her.  Maybe she was upset about her parents divorce. I don't know but I'll find out. "Hey Lil , whats wrong?" I asked her. She looked really upset. "Nothing. And BT-dubs its Lilly not Lil or Liles ." Okay she was mad at me. She always lets me call her Lil or Lils . "Why are you mad at me?" I stopped walking she noticed and carried on walking. "Miley,I don't want to be late....." Liley Whined. I'm gonna find out what is wrong. Even if that means I have to miss my concert tonight....

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