The Secret Sensation

Okay , so Hannah Montana always confused me , and right now I am pretty freaking obsessed with her. So I thought just for a new book idea. BTW this is NOT a fan fiction! Just a diary/story.



1. #1

The crowd screamed ! I was sweating , I said goodnight and ran off stage! I could hear the crowd shouting "encore!" I felt so good , such a rush! I decided to run back out their and sing Que Sera ! The crowd cheered! I ran back off the stage and into my dressing room! I sat down in front of the mirror. I could still hear the crowd shouting "Hannah!Hannah!" I couldn't go back out there I would faint! The crowd knew that I wasn't coming out and they died down! Loads of people qued outside my dressing room! I signed their arms, their heads. Everywhere. I finally got in my dressing room and took off my wig. My brown hair in a big scruffy bun. My blonde wig in my hand. This life is crazy. I put my robe on with the letters on it ' H.M' that meant 'Hannah Montana' My name. Well one of them. My real name was Miley Stewart. But you'll hear more about me later.I cleaned all the make off my face and sat in my phone. It started to ring. It was Lilly. My best friend. I put my phone down. I put on my normal clothes and climbed out the window to find my dad , in a limo, waiting for me . I hopped in the limo and the driver drove off. "Mile" my dad began to speak"why on earth would jump out the dang window?" I starred at him " Dad , there is crazed fans these days they might find me!" My dad just nodded. We got to my house , my  dad unlocked the door to reveal my brother Jackson and some girl about to kiss. I wemt up behind him and went "Mwahhhh" and he spat all over that girls face! It was hilarious! The girl  ran off and Jackson just flopped on the couch. I ran up to my room and locked the door. I got on my panda bear PaJamas and I went to sleep. 


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