The Viod in the Dark

Ariel and Jessy just died. Adam has to escort them to the afterlife. Of course, thats his job. But when Ariel and Adam fall in love, will she be the one breaking the rules?


2. Should've Stayed Home

So here I am. Surrounded by idiotic people. Why did I even agree to come? As I was mentally yelling at myself, Jessy stumbled over to me. She was drunker than Reese Witherspoon! 

"Heeeeyyyy" she said, her breath smelling like cherries and Vanilla Vodka. Wow, we've only been here for an hour. I don't want to be here anymore!

"JESSY! I'M GONNA LEAVE." I yell over the music. apparently she heard me, because she snapped out of her drunkenness for a second.

"What!? Why!?" she yells back.

"I'm bored." I shout back as I turn around to walk to the bus stop across the street. I hear her following me. I stop by the street.

"If you're leaving, then at least give me a hug." she requests. I give her a hug. As I am about to let go, I hear a loud bang, and she slumps in my arms. She's been shot! As I am about to scream for help, a hand covers my mouth.

"You should've stayed at home, Ariel...." the dark figure whispers in my ear. It's a woman's voice. I feel a gun to my temple.

"One, two, three." the dark figure whispers again.

Then everything goes black.

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