The Viod in the Dark

Ariel and Jessy just died. Adam has to escort them to the afterlife. Of course, thats his job. But when Ariel and Adam fall in love, will she be the one breaking the rules?


3. Our Funeral?

I wake up in a weird room. Jessy is looking at something with a look of disbelief. I look in the direction she is, and she two matching coffins. Our parents are standing next to them, crying. Are we at a funeral home? I tap Jessy on the shoulder and point to the direction of the coffins. She nods and we walk over to the coffins, just to see who died. As we reach the coffins, we can't believe our eyes. 

It's us.

Jessy and me.

We're dead...

Jessy's eyes start tearing up.

I then notice a hole in the back of her shirt. A small circle.

The size of a bullet.......

I remember where the gun was held to my head. I don't feel it, just so I don't break down.

A boy them walks up to Jessy and me. He sees us. no one can see us. As he gets closer he starts speaking.

'Hello, I'm Adam, you're escort to the Afterlife. Where do you want to go? We have many choices. The Great Beyond, Hereafter, Heaven, Hell, Eternity, The Elysian Fields... anywhere, really!" he greets us, trying to sound enthusiastic, but he's not fooling me.

"Jessy, let's go to the Elysian Fields! It's like the Beverly Hills of Afterlife!" I whisper in Jessy's ear.

"Really?" she asks.

"Yeah!" I reply. I get to go to the best Afterlife ever!!

"Okay, Adam. We want to go to the Elysian Fields!" we tell Adam, in unison. Even though we're twins, we've never done that!!

Adam's gaze then met mine.

He has the most beautiful sea green eyes....

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