My everything

One Direction is a boyband. And I'm in love with them. I can't think of anything else. I cry at night because I'm not near them.


12. Staying with Harry Edward Styles

"So what you're saying is that you've been bullied for 2 years without telling us. Then yesterday you ran away from school. Then you just walked until you saw a house and went over there and it was your idol, Harry Styles', house. Then when you get back to school your History teacher Lauren helps you, and then you decided to tell us. After you've told everyone else?" my dad said. I didn't know how to response. He was right. I should've told them two years ago, and then the bullying would've been stopped before it became this horrible. But if I had told them back then I would never have met Harry. "I know this might sound crazy, but can I please stay at Harry's house for the night?" I said. My dad opened his mouth to start yelling at me, but my mom took his hand and asked Harry if it was okay with him. My mom had this amazing power. She could make my dad so calm, even when he was mad. No one else could do that. "But why do you want to stay at Harry's for the night?" my mom asked me. "The school bus is the worst part. I can't escape, and Harry can drive me" I answered. "It's okay with me. I love having Zooey at my place" Harry said. "She can live at my house while we're getting this bullying thing over. I think it would be very good for her to stay at my place". My parents looked at each other. I could tell by my dad's look on his face that he thought it was a bad idea, but my mom thought it was a good idea. "It sounds like an amazing idea. Zooey go pack your stuff, then we'll just talk to Harry and Lauren" my mom said. I ran over to her and hugged her before I went to my room to get ready.

I could hear that they were still talking downstairs. I was ready to go, but I knew they needed a bit more time, so I stayed at my room. I had not felt this way in a very long time. I was so happy. I couldn't believe all of them was trying to help me. And I couldn't believe I had met One Direction. And that I was friends with Harry. And that I talked to Lauren. And that she had shared so much with me. "Zooey are you ready to leave?" Harry yelled from downstairs. "Sure" I said and ran down to him. I couldn't believe I was going to live with Harry Edward Styles for a couple of weeks. Suddenly I felt kind of bad. I had met One Direction, and I had not even thought of telling Hayley. "Harry can we either go now or wait like half an hour, because I have to talk to my friend Hayley" I said. "Go talk to Hayley, then I'll serve some cookies to Lauren and Harry" my mom said. "Thank you" I said and ran to my room.

"Oh my god" Hayley yelled, after I had told her what had happened the past 2 days. She was very overwhelmed and happy. "Could you make them follow me on Twitter? Or maybe I could come to Harry's place" Hayley suggested. "I wasn't supposed to tell anyone, so you coming over here wouldn't be a good idea, but I can get them to follow you" I said. "I am so happy for you Zooey, you're finally getting what you deserve" Hayley cried. "Do you really think I deserve it? Thank you" I said. We talked for about half an hour before I left. This was the best day in my life.

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