My everything

One Direction is a boyband. And I'm in love with them. I can't think of anything else. I cry at night because I'm not near them.


13. Kiss you

Harry was already in the car when I came outside. I jumped into the car and we started driving. "I am going to stay at your house when it's weekend too right?" I asked him. "No, sorry. We agreed that you could stay with me for 1 night, because your parents want you home again. They haven't talked to you about the bullying without Lauren and I. They love you" Harry said whilst he parked his car in his garage.  I knew that I couldn't just stay with Harry forever, so I was quite okay with it. I had hoped to stay with him for at least 2 days, but I didn't really mind. "Please come in" Harry said, and we walked into his house. We went to the living room and started talking. We talked for hours about everything in the world. We ordered pizza at 6 pm and I had to get the door, incase the pizza man would recognize Harry. We shared the pizza, and went upstairs to talk in the other living room.

"I feel so lucky that I found your house" I said. "I'm the lucky one here" Harry said and held my hand. I got a weird feeling in my body. "You're the prettiest girl I have ever seen Zooey. I feel like the luckiest man on earth. And now I get to spend the rest of the day with you" Harry said. That was the sweetest thing anyone had ever told me. I began to cry. Harry hugged me and I turned my face to his. His eyes was so bright. He leaned in and kissed me. It was so amazing. His lips was the softest lips in the world. Harry leaned away and looked me in the eyes. "Zooey I love you" he said. I couldn't believe it. "Harry" I started. "No. Don't say you don't feel the same way. I can't stand the thought of you not being in love with me" he cried. "I love you too Harry" I said, and kissed him. I did love him. I knew I did. We cuddled and then I fell asleep in Harry's arms. 

"Good morning sweetie" Harry said. I looked at the clock on the wall. It was 6:30 am so I had to get ready. I was so happy. Yesterday was the best day in my life. Nothing could bring me down. Nothing at all. Not even school. "Go get ready, then I'll make breakfast and then drop you off at the square" Harry said and kissed me. 

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