My everything

One Direction is a boyband. And I'm in love with them. I can't think of anything else. I cry at night because I'm not near them.


9. Home

I talked to One Direction for about an hour. I couldn't believe I had actually met all of them. It was absolute amazing. "Zooey can I talk to you?" Harry said and then we walked to the kitchen. "Please bring Lauren to the square tomorrow after school. I need to talk to her about something. And I have to take you home now" he said. "Okay. I will go say goodbye now then" I said and walked into the living room to say goodbye to the boys. "Good luck in school Zooey. Show the bullies that you're way better than them" Liam said. "I feel kind of bad for you, and guilty" Zayn said. "Guilty? Why?" I exclaimed. "You get bullied because of us. You're a Directioner, that's what they hate about you. They hate you because you love us" Louis explained. "Don't feel guilty! I chose to be a Directioner myself. I knew that loving you would have consequences" I said.

We didn't talk at all on the trip to my house. I didn't want to see my parents. They would be all mad and worried. None of those things was what I needed, none. When Harry stopped in front of my house he hugged me. We hugged for 5 minutes before he let me go. "Go talk to your parents. Good luck" he said and drove away. I stood in front of my house for a while before I walked in. When I opened the door my mom came running to me and hugged me. "Zooey, don't ever stay away like that! We were so worried" she cried. I could see my dad in the living room. He looked angry at me. I knew my mom would be all worried and my dad would be mad at me. "Zooey you can't just skip school. We pay for the school and you have to get a good job when you're older. Why did you skip school?" he asked. I was in shock. He didn't know why I ran away? Ever since everyone began to bully me I was sad all the times and I wasn't hanging out with my friends anymore. How could he not know that there was something wrong? "You haven't noticed anything? Nothing at all?" I said sad. "No" he shouted. "Why would you do that? Why?". I hated arguing with my dad. "Don't be so hard on her. She is having a very hard time in school" my mom started. "School is too difficult for you too? Is that why  your grades are so bad? Why can't you just get good grades?" he exclaimed. "I get bullied for gods sake" I shouted and ran to my room. I cried.

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