My everything

One Direction is a boyband. And I'm in love with them. I can't think of anything else. I cry at night because I'm not near them.


14. Happy

"Bye Zooey. I'll see you tomorrow. Good luck in school. I know you can do it" Harry said when he dropped me off on the square. "Bye, I love you" I said and began walking towards my school. While I walked I realized that I wasn't scared at all. I wasn't scared of anything that I used to be scared off. I could get through this day without crying. I could be strong. I could do this. I walked into the school and I was not scared. I walked a bit down the hallway and I saw Gianne and Allison laugh of me, but I felt okay. I walked towards the History room. I couldn't wait till my class started. I had just arrived to the History room when the bell ringed. I sat down on the front row as always, and when Lauren came in she smiled at me and said hi. I began to draw a drawing of me and Harry while I waited for everyone to arrive. I was quite good at drawing actually. And I loved to draw.

I felt a paper on my back. I was used to getting papers with notes about how much everyone hated me. I opened the paper and read it. "Do you realize that you're not better than everyone just because you're a fan of a boyband. Everyone hate you, you whore". Usually I would've felt very bad or maybe maybe I would cry, but now I just folded the paper and threw it out. I didn't care at all. Lauren looked at me and smiled. She seemed like she was proud of me. And I was proud of myself too. I just felt like my life was going in the right direction again. I had never felt this way before. I wasn't sad, scared or crying. I was in school and I felt great. I loved this feeling.

When school was over I walked to the square so Harry could pick me up. I had to get my stuff, and then he would drive me home. He was in the car waiting for me when I arrived to the square. "Hi" Harry said. I sat on the seat next to him and leaned in to kiss him instead of saying hello. While we drove to Harry's house I told him about school today. He was proud of me too. I loved him so much.

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