My everything

One Direction is a boyband. And I'm in love with them. I can't think of anything else. I cry at night because I'm not near them.


10. Fainted

I sat in my room for about 10 minutes. I cried. I could hear my mom was outside my room wanting to talk to me. But I didn't want to talk to her. I felt like going back to Harry's place, but I didn't want to run away from the troubles again. I could handle trouble, and I always ran away. But why change that now? Why not just run away? I couldn't find any good reasons at all. So therefore I opened my door to the garden and ran out. I ran for 20 minutes before I stopped. I didn't know anyone who lived near me, so I fell down on my knees and began to cry. I cried so hard. I just wanted to be with Harry right now. Why couldn't I just be at his house. I needed someone who understood me. Someone who knew how I felt, someone who could cheer me up. I felt a hand on my shoulder. I had felt that hand before. It was Lauren's hand. "Zooey, please come with me" she said. I looked at her. She was so pretty. "Why? Where are we going?" I asked. "I'm taking you to my place. You can't be alone. Does your parents know where you are?" she said. "No, I just ran away from home. But I really don't want to go to your house right now. I want to go to my friend's house. I have to go there" I cried. "I can drive you if you want to" she said. I had no idea where Harry's house was. I stood up, and started to run. I ran away again. I couldn't believe it. "Zooey, come with me please" Lauren yelled. I felt like slowing down a bit, but I didn't. I wanted to run away from everything. Suddenly I couldn't breathe. I tried to breathe, but it was like there was no air left for me. I fainted.

"Zooey!" Lauren was screaming. I felt so weird. I felt like I had just woken up. "You fainted" Lauren said kindly when I opened my eyes. "You're not dead. You're alive. Thank god" she whispered. She was crying. Why did she care so much? I was just one of her students. I stood up, and brushed the dirt of my clothes. "I would love to go to your place" I said. "Okay let's go. I live in that house right there" she said and pointed on a small house. We didn't really talk while we walked, but it wasn't awkward at all. I felt so comfortable being around her. She was almost as nice as Harry.

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