Spirit: True or False?

Four Girls, one purpose...
Ember, Eden, Aries and Aquamarine have lived in secret for all of their lives. For them, life is about surviving, and being who you really are. What they really are.
When they are found out, they are plunged into a world they never new existed; a secret kept by the Church and the Government for hundreds of years. A secret that has everything to do with them.
When you are a secret, who do you trust?


1. In The Beginning

I am the Creator.

On the First Day, I created light. The very same light which is always illuminating Earth. Then I created the night, so the My future creations could rest.

On the Second Day, I created the water. The very same water which supports life on Earth.

On the Third Day, I created dry ground. The very same dry ground which supports air-breathing life on Earth. Then I created the plants and the trees. The very same which you destroy without cause.

On the Fourth Day, I created the Sun, the Moon and the Stars. The very same which can be seen in the endless skies today.

On the Fifth Day, I created the Birds and the Sea Creatures. I blessed them. They are the very same which you disrespect without thought.

On the Sixth Day, I created the Land Animals. I blessed them also. They are the very same which you live off, and which you abuse.

Then I made Mankind. First Adam, then Eve. In the Garden, which is now safe from the greed of Mankind.

On the Seventh Day, I rested. I thought. I wondered.


Humans tell the Story of Creation, and it is correct.

Apart from one major mistake.

There were Eight Days...

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