Spirit: True or False?

Four Girls, one purpose...
Ember, Eden, Aries and Aquamarine have lived in secret for all of their lives. For them, life is about surviving, and being who you really are. What they really are.
When they are found out, they are plunged into a world they never new existed; a secret kept by the Church and the Government for hundreds of years. A secret that has everything to do with them.
When you are a secret, who do you trust?


2. Ember

The sun is in my eyes, but the alley is somehow dark and I am certain, that I can see a figure attempting to hide between the shadowed walls. Slowly I walk towards 'it' unsure of what or who 'it' might be, as I venture closer, 'it' ups and runs away and hastily I begin to follow gaining speed with every step.

" Hey there you! Where do you think you're going?" He calls from behind.

I forget about the 'thing' that was running away, which was probably not a good thing. I spin round far to quickly and only just regain my balance before running towards him and flinging myself into his arms, wrapping my own around his tubby neck - sounds mean but Charlie isn't the fittest of people. I think he is 41... not too sure though, with thick dark hair that sticks to his forehead whenever he gets sweaty - which is quite often because he runs a business on his own (a fish and chip shop on the high street).

"Where were you going, Angel?" He asks, placing my feet firmly on the floor and ruffling my hair - which would usually result in the 'ruffler' being punched square in the stomach - but not Charlie... no one touches the hair... but Charlie. I grin stupidly, before replying with a childish,


Charlie grins back wiping his brow on the tea-towel in his hand, he then hands me some money, and as usual I run my errand, gathering his essentials from the nearest store. Bread, milk and... actually just bread and milk and on occasion a chocolate bar which Charlie instructs me to buy and share with my 'sisters'.

Which I would do, providing I actually had sisters.

I and three other girls woke up one day, next to each other in the graveyard - afraid of each other we began life separately until it became obvious that we needed to work together to survive. It was in fact Aries (the eldest and most annoying) who labeled us a family and, it stayed that way ever since.

I hand Charlie his shopping and change, before we begin our guessing game. Charlie starts.

Charlie and I met one day on the off chance, I was coming into town to gather supplies for me and the gang, and it just so happened that as I was going through the bins (yeah, that's what its like living in the graveyard fend for yourself and all that crap) outside Charlies shop that the bin men came to collect them. They were going to hand me into social services before Charlie came out and lied, told them I was his daughter and that we were playing hide and seek and I was hiding. He never bothered to ask for my name, just immediately referred to me as Angel and it the nickname stuck. I came back once every other week and Charlie began to wait for my visit and now, I visit more frequently often leaving with a bag of chips or similar. Charlie doesn't know the whole truth about me, I had to lie and say that I lived on the other side of town on the council estate... with a 'family'. We don't ask each other stupid questions like 'how old are you' because we just don't; because I am small for my age, Charlie invented the guessing game in which we have to answer yes or no to any of the others questions.

"Are you 9?" Charlie asks. At which point I burst into a fit of giggles, and Charlie ends up laughing too.

"You've asked that question every time for the past 6 months!!!" I laugh.

He rolls his eyes and gives me my chips and chocolate and sends me on my way, I hug him goodbye and start back to the grave yard.

Once a reach the barbed wire fence that surrounds the place I call home, I pick up my hand made bow and arrow... yes just the one, and begin to hunt for the non vegetarian members of my 'family'.


I should probably explain that the Graveyard isn't actually a graveyard, it is a dumping ground for all the 'prehistoric' technology, vehicles and various other items that people don't want. We each have our own bus that serves as a room/house; we can decorate it how we please. Mine, for example, is a double Decker open top bus, which I often light incense and other nice smelling things in or I simply burn things. I scoop up the dead rabbit drawing the arrow from its chest and make my way over to Eden's Bus. I push open the door, scraping aside the overgrown ivy and knocking a plant pot over in the process, I see her in the corner, her long black hair framing her face, nose buried in her book again.

"Heya Ede! Happy Birthday!" I laugh, dropping the dead rabbit on her lap (now might be a good time to mention that it isn't her birthday {oh and that she is the other member of the gang [aside from me] who is vegetarian])


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