Spirit: True or False?

Four Girls, one purpose...
Ember, Eden, Aries and Aquamarine have lived in secret for all of their lives. For them, life is about surviving, and being who you really are. What they really are.
When they are found out, they are plunged into a world they never new existed; a secret kept by the Church and the Government for hundreds of years. A secret that has everything to do with them.
When you are a secret, who do you trust?


3. Eden

I scream, jumping up and watching the dead rabbit fall to the floor of my bus with a sickening crunch.

"Ember." I glare at my 'sister', who looks at me with innocent jet-black eyes. "I'm not going to touch that."

"Neither am I." Says Ember, casually picking up the plant pot she had just knocked over. Ember has a habit of knocking everything over, maybe that's why much of the stuff in her bus has been glued in place.

"You shot it!" I squeaked, narrowly missing the corpse as I put my book down on the table- which I made myself, I would just like to mention. I'm the one who usually makes things in our 'family'. I also cook most things, although I don't touch dead animals. And I like tea. Green tea, nettle tea, weeds-you've-never-heard-of tea.

"Yes. I shot it. And I took the trouble of struggling all the way back here with it." Ember crosses her arms and sticks her nose in the air. "Give it to Aqua."

She is referring to or other 'sister', Aquamarine- Aqua for short. She is the healer of the group, although she isn't the best at making her remedies taste drinkable. Her bus is a single-decker, and is full of shells and old bits of seaweed, hanging from the ceiling- these 'decorations' aren't very helpful, if your're as tall as I am.

"She's not here." I say, looking down the the floor and wondering how on Earth I can get the blood stain from the rug- which is rather fetching, and was found by yours truly in a lorry outside a large manor house. It's not as if they called the police or anything.

"Well, give it to Aries."

"She won't let me in." I sigh. Aries is very protective of her bus- maybe because of the jam incident- even though there is hardly anything in it. It stinks of bleach.

"Well climb in the window." Ember suggests, nosing around my stuff. She picks up a vase, but I manage to grab it from her before she 'drops' it. "I'm goin' to light a fire."

"Yeah, whatever." I say, gently placing the bright green vase back in its place. She leaves, slamming the door behind her. I wonder how the hinges can put up with it. "WAIT!" I scream from the window. "Light it in the Safe Zone!"

"Yeah!" She calls back, not bothered about what happened a few weeks ago, when she lit the fire next to the washing line.

"And don't use my socks!"

"I won't!" Is the reply, but it is followed by a quiet evil-laugh and so I make a mental note to go shopping (Shop-lifting) tomorrow.

I make my way silently across the graveyard, down streets of old buses and vintage cars. When I arrive at Aries' bus, I see the lights off. Aries only turns her lights off when she is out or sleeping, so I should be fine to pay a little visit.


Aries' bus's doors seriously need oiling, but I guess she hates the smell.

Aries bus is painted pure white, with only a mattress in one corner and a few stray feathers here and there. Like I said, it stinks of bleach, and its always too cold because she refuses to close the windows. If she ever closed them, me and Ember would have stink-bombed her years ago.

I leave the rabbit tied up with rope to the light-bulb on the roof, and snigger to myself at the thought of her face as she walks into her 'private' area. I'll just blame Satan.

By Satan, I don't mean the Devil (although the description would suit him just as well). The name belongs to a seriously evil dove, who has a habit of stealing just about everything. Aries found the bloody thing as a chic and took it in, much to the suffering of the rest of us.

As I step back outside, I recognise the odour of burning and it's clear Ember didn't take on my advice. The smell is accompanied by the shrieks and screams of Aries and Aqua, who have obviously just arrived home.

I decide it's probably best to put the kettle on.

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