Spirit: True or False?

Four Girls, one purpose...
Ember, Eden, Aries and Aquamarine have lived in secret for all of their lives. For them, life is about surviving, and being who you really are. What they really are.
When they are found out, they are plunged into a world they never new existed; a secret kept by the Church and the Government for hundreds of years. A secret that has everything to do with them.
When you are a secret, who do you trust?


4. Aries


"I only meant to light the fire so that Eden could cook and you guys wouldn't complain of it being too cold to eat outside!"

The flames were jumping higher and higher as she spoke at us (not to us, I might add). Eden joins Aqua and I.

"Embe!?" She says struggling to stop laughing.

"Eden this is not laughing matter!" I say, annoyed at the fact that she thinks it would be. Aqua comes back from the small pond with a bucket of water and she chucks it over the fire, putting it out. I wave my arms around in a hopeless attempt of getting rid of the smoke. I would light the fire myself only, and I hate to admit it, no one would get the fire started as quick as Ember does. If only she were as good at putting it out!

Crisis averted, I head back to my nice clean bus.

Loving the breeze on my face, I take my time.

I can hear a dripping sound... I grab a stick, trying my best not to make a sound. As I near my door, it gets louder. I shove the door, ignoring the creak it makes, the lights off. If there was someone in there, they surely would have turned the light on... right? Fumbling for the light switch, I notice the slippery thing on the floor, I look down at my feet, Jam? Have Ember and Eden pulled another Jam stunt!? The something drips onto, my head. Slowly I look up, two eyes are staring back at me and unable to contain my fear, I scream; brushing my hand against the wall I finally find the light switch. I bash my head on the cold metal floor, my white interior decor begins to spin. The two eyes that were staring at me belong to a rabbit and one of its eyes has been pierced by a sharp object. This is Eden and Embers doing! I wait for the room to stop spinning and carefully retrieve the dead animal from my light switch, and make my way towards Aqua's bus. In the near distances, I can hear to very different peels of laughter belonging to my sisters.

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