Spirit: True or False?

Four Girls, one purpose...
Ember, Eden, Aries and Aquamarine have lived in secret for all of their lives. For them, life is about surviving, and being who you really are. What they really are.
When they are found out, they are plunged into a world they never new existed; a secret kept by the Church and the Government for hundreds of years. A secret that has everything to do with them.
When you are a secret, who do you trust?


5. Aqua

After the fire incident, Aries decides to sit in my bus, but I leave when she holds up a dead rabbit. Weirdo. I'm, not even going to ask about it, so when she leaves again, I don't care. I'm too busy. Because I heard something. Footsteps. It isn't right... Aries walks softly, Ember walks quietly and Eden is silent. These footsteps were noisy.

I stalk along the narrow passages between buses, trying to find the source of the noises. My eyes begin to play tricks on me; I see shadows move and doors sway- but there is no wind.


I jump right out of my skin, but manage to compose myself just in time to spy movement in the corner of my eye. The shadowed figure of a human pounces from one bus to another, making only a pathetic 'thud' as it landed. I gulp as my legs automatically give chase. No! Go the other way!!! My head is screaming.

Bus after bus shoots by, and it becomes darker, the shadow is still in my sight, but then disappears round a corner.

I follow it, hoping to catch it off guard, but there is no sight of it. There is just one place it could have gone. All the buses in this side of the graveyard have windows and shut doors, which creak so loudly when opened, you can hear them a mile off. The only bus which could be snuck into quietly, is the old minibus, which I converted into showers.

Nearing the minibus, I hear footsteps inside, then something being dropped.

'Ba-boom, ba-boom, ba-boom.'  My heart is beating in my throat, so loud that I'm sure the shadow would hear it. I reach for the door handle, take a deep breath, and...


Aries screams, covering herself with her towel, as the steam from the shower wafts out the door and sticks to my face.

"Sorry." I say awkwardly, slamming the door closed.

I hurry off as fast as possible, trying to think up as many excuses for that intrusion as I can.

When I find Eden and Ember, who are sitting aroung a small campfire in the Safe Zone, they tell me I look like I've seen a ghost, to which I reply 'I've just seen something I never want to see again'. They leave it at that. After a while, Aries comes back, red in the face and as stiff as bone. She sits down without looking at me and I hope she might one-day forgive me. Before I realise I'll never be forgiven and Aries will now order for a lock to be put on the door.

We eat baked beans, most probably stolen by Ember, as usual, and stay up late talking, as usual, then we go to our buses, as usual.

I feed my fish, as usual, and loud music echoes from Ember's bus, as usual, and Eden's bus is quiet and peaceful, as usual.

But something just isn't right.

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