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Jennifer and I go Manchester. We are from Ohio, I have an older brother and I want to find him. He's 21, he has brown hair. If you know who he is can you please help me. I want to meet him!!


19. What Did You Do to Liam

(Harry's POV)

I'm going to the gym with Niall today. Yesterday was sad because Ashley lost the baby. That tore my heart up. At least we can wait until she gets older to have a baby. She can come on tour with us now though. We can have sex now which it's been a while since we had that.


Jake - "Hello Harry Are you ready to box?"


"I think so."


Jake - "Okay then let's start."


We put gloves on and I started punching him in the gloves.


Jake - "Come on Harry you can do better than that."


"You're the trainer, motivate me."


Jake - "Imagine me sliding my tongue down Ashley's body making her moan my name."


I punched his face.


"I said motivate me, not piss me off!"


Jake - "Sorry, imagine Louis and Liam getting in a fight and they accidentally hit Ashley. Punch me like you were going to hit one of them."


I punched his gloves and he fell backwards.


Jake - "That's what I'm looking for."




Niall came over to me.


Niall - "Holly just called, Ashley isn't doing too good."


"Hey Jake, we have to go but thanks for the training be back in soon."


Jake - "Alright Harry see you soon."


Niall and I went home. We ran upstairs and Ashley was laying on the floor crying her eyes out.




She got up and gave me a hug. I kissed her cheek.


"Do you still want to go shopping?"


(Allie's POV)


I just woke up and I found out that we are going shopping.  I am scared to go  with them because nobody knows who I am but I want everybody to know that I am Liam Payne's girlfriend.


(Flash back)

Liam and I met while he  walking in the park. I was sitting by a tree and he was walking by.




Liam - "Hey excuse me but may I sit here?"





  "Of course."



At that time I had no clue who he was. My house was that tree. My step dad used to rape me everyday. Liam is the only person that has ever wanted to help me. I didn't have any friends or family. I have the lads and the girls now. I'm bisexual but nobody but Liam knows that. I didn't know who One Direction was until I met Liam. I remember when we were walking in the park and all these girls were running after us and I thought he was just that popular jock. He picked me up and ran to a house. He put me down and we went in the house and there was three ladies and one lad there. He introduced me to Ruth, Nicola, Geoff and Karen. I was scared because I thought they were going to hurt me.





Liam- "Allie are you okay we aren't going to hurt you."




 "Liam can I talk to you privately."




We went into the other room and I told him everything about me and I started crying and he held me tight. I stayed there until we came over that day.

(End of flash back)

 I'm not close to Nalick. I'm closer to Ashley, Kellie and Holly. I haven't heard much about that one girl Jennifer. I'm kind of scared to be a girlfriend of a One Direction member. I am actually more but I can't say yet. Lets just say if Liam and I break up I can still go on tour with them. They can't really get read of me. I think I may get on Twitter really quick.

@AllieMorris: I love @Real_Liam_Payne we need to talk when we get  home !


@Real_Liam_Payne: @AllieMorris K.


@AllieMorris: @Real_Liam_Payne What's wrong Liam ?


@Real_Liam_Payne: @AllieMorris Leave me alone.


What the hell is wrong with Liam why is he acting like this? I have to tell Ashley and Holly.













I heard them run into the room I'm in.





Ashley - "What happened to you and Liam."





  "I don't know guys really and I want to know but I'm scared he will be mean."




Ashley - "Allie we're talking about Liam here he is the sexiest, sweetest guy we know."




"Ashley do you like Liam?"





Ashley - "I guess but I'm with Harry now and that's final."




  "Ashley you really like him, you're blushing badly."




Ashley - "Leave it alone and lets go shopping."





We all got ready and headed for the mall. Ashley and Holly told me that I should watch out for fans now that everybody kind of knows me now. We walked into a store and I seen Liam and some girl snogging each other. I walked over to them.




  "Really I thought you cared?"




Liam - "Allie wait."





I just kept running and I found the rest of the lads.





Paul - "Allie are you okay?"





 "I just seen Liam snogging another girl."




Niall came over to me and gave me a hug.




Harry - "What store are they in?"




I pointed to the store and Harry and I went to the store.




Harry - "Jennifer?"



"What the hell."




Harry - "Calm down everything will be alright if you just stay calm."





 "Liam why are you acting like a dick now?"



Liam - "I've changed bitch."


"How long has this going on?"



Jennifer - "Since now."




  "Liam why would you do this to me after what happened to me?"




 Liam - "People change."



  "Liam please don't leave me."




Liam - "Allie I'm happier now when I was with you I was always taking care of you and making sure you didn't harm yourself."



  "Fine I will have my uncle take care of me then because he's a body guard."





Liam - "Well then tell him I said let her die."




Paul came over.




Paul - "Liam I'm ashamed of you and right now you just hurt my niece and left her for a tramp."



Liam - "Shit, Paul go away."




  "He doesn't have to Liam he's my Uncle."




Liam - "Then you get the fuck away from me bitch."





  "Jennifer what did you do to Liam?"





Jennifer - "Bitch please he loves me more than you so I had to change him so we could date."






"Why so you can cheat on him bitch I know how you are I'm not fucking stupid and Liam I can't go the fuck away because I don't have any family I only have Paul and I'm going on tour with him so I'm going to be there all the time so get used to it bitch."




(Liam's POV)

I'm fucked up. What did she give me I don't know what's going on or who these people are anyway. I see fucking stars. I see the light NIALL I SEE THE LIGHT.  Woah this is pretty cool. This chick isn't pretty but I will snog her. I see fucking circles. Circles we goin in circles dizzy all it makes us we know where it takes us closer maybe looking closer. What the hell did I just say. I need some sleep but I have no clue where I am right now and I need Niall. I want Niall that all I want. NIALLLL. I need NIALL. LIAM NEEDS YOU. NIALL LIAM NEEDS HIS BUDDY. I need to make some Niam kids here soon. Allie. I need my girlfriend ALLIE WHERE ARE YOU ALLIE I NEED ALLIE NOW. WHERE THE HELL IS MY GIRLFRIEND I NEED HER REALLY BADLY PLEASE I NEED HER.


Jennifer, Jennifer where the fuck is Allie. What do you mean she left me what did I do to her I saved her life and she goes and leaves me what the fuck. JENNIFER GET THE HELL AWAY FROM ME I WANT ASHLEY I MEAN ALLIE I WANT ALLIE. Jennifer I love her more than I love turtles. I hate you more than I hate spoons. I don't care if you were a turtle you would be an ugly turtle. I need Allie and Niall they always protect me from dumb asses. I need to text Niall.


Me: Niall come get me she put me on something and it made me act like a "thing"


Nialler: Liam where are you and now I know you're back because you didn't swear

Me: I'm at a gas station

Nialler: I'm on my way mate

Me: Thanks (White van tinted windows)

Nialler:  That's not creepy at all


Me: Hurry she has a bat ! 

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