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Jennifer and I go Manchester. We are from Ohio, I have an older brother and I want to find him. He's 21, he has brown hair. If you know who he is can you please help me. I want to meet him!!


5. Truth Or Dare, Secrets

(Harry's POV)

I woke up today and I was next to Ashley and she was still sleeping and I didn't want to wake her up and I guess I did because I ended up sneezing and waking her up. I kissed her nose and I went to take a shower.




Ashley -  "Can I join?"










We both got into the shower and I couldn't stop looking down at her and I seen she was looking down at me so I decided to pick her up and spin her around a couple of times.




"You are very beautiful Ashley."




She started blushing and hid her face into my neck.




Ashley - "Harry when the others get up do you think we could play truth or dare?"




"Yes they love to play truth or dare when we aren't doing anything."




 "Yay well I think we are done in here until later."






I winked at her and she winked back.





"I wish I could do this everyday."




  "Me too Harry."





I can't believe I just said that out loud.


(Niall's POV)


Wow yesterday was crazy but I think today will be a lazy day for us. I just wish Jennifer and I were together right now but she is dating Lou. I want to take her and make her mine. I can't wait for later we are playing truth or dare. Ashley and Josh are brother and sister. I wish I had a sister but I only have Greg and that's all I need. I heard somebody crying and I looked over and Jennifer had Lou's phone and she was reading messages on there. I walked over to her and picked her up and put her on the bed I was sleeping on and layed her down and she poked my arm I poked her cheek and she laughed.



  "You sound a lot like me when you laugh."



She smiled.


(Louis' POV)


I woke up and Jennifer was gone. I seen that my phone was on the bed and right there I knew she seen mine and Hannah's conversation. I didn't want to hurt her but I haven't seen Hannah for a long time so I am meeting up with her later tonight. I just hope Jennifer doesn't stay mad at me forever. I want to play truth or dare and I know how I'm going to play too. I am going to tell Hannah to meet me at the park at 10pm tonight and that's because truth or dare may take more than 10 minutes. Harry might not have Ashley anymore.


(Liam's POV)


 "I am not playing truth or dare right now but you guys can go ahead and play, I can watch you guys."



Louis went first.




Louis - "Jennifer truth or dare?"





Jennifer - "Truth."





Louis - "Jennifer tell us your biggest secret."





Jennifer - "I started to bully Ashley's friend Kenzie and a couple of nights ago she committed suicide because of me."



Ashley's eyes grew bigger and she started to cry. I can't stand when girls cry.


Jennifer - "Louis, truth or dare."



 Louis -  "Dare."



 Jennifer - "I dare you to make out with Ashley."




Louis crawled over to Ashley and they started to make out and Ashley pulled away first.


Louis - "Harry truth or dare."



 Harry - "Truth."





Louis - "How many girls have you had sex with?"



Harry - "Three."





Harry - "Ashley truth or dare?"





 Ashley - "Dare"





 Harry - "I dare you to run up and down the corridor yelling I am ugly and proud."




Ashley got up and ran out the door to the corridor she was yelling I am ugly and proud. We have this floor to ourselves and we seen somebody at the end of the corridor. I grabbed Ashley and we ran back into the room.




Ashley - Ow that hurt Liam."


Ashley was holding her arms.




Harry - "We should um go get something to eat."


Ashley, Harry and I rode in Harry's car while the rest rode in Louis' car.


Ashley - "Liam, why did you pull me back into the hotel room when i was running up and down the corridor yelling I am ugly and proud?"


I was going to say something but...


Harry - "I'm sorry Ashley."


Ashley - "Its fine."


Harry and Ashley kiss.


Harry and Ashley got out of the car and a couple seconds later I did. I am scared to go back to the hotel now that somebody could be watching us. I walked into the restaurant and tapped Harry on the shoulder.


"What are  we going to do about the hotel situation?"


Harry - "We aren't telling Ashley what happened."


Jennifer walked over to us.


Jennifer - "Hey you guys seen that guy too right?"


"Yeah but please don't tell Ashley, we don't want her to freak out."


Jennifer - "I won't I promise."


Harry ordered for everybody so we just stayed there so we can waste time before going back to the hotel room. We didn't really talk much at the restaurant.


Ashley, Harry and I got back into Harry's car and drove to the hotel.


"I'm going to take a nap."


Ashley - I might do that too, Harry do you want to join me?"


Harry and Ashley got into the bed together ans I got into another one.


(Niall's POV)


How in the hell did I get into a car with Jennifer and Louis? Jennifer is cheating on both of us with each other and I don't want to sit by her. Josh and Zayn are lucky because they get to be in the back away from this.Louis' hand is rubbing Jennifer's thigh. Can they at least wait until we get to the hotel to do anything?


Louis - "Who do you think is in the hotel that knows we are there?"


"I have no idea but we can't tell Ashley because we don't want her to fly back to America just yet."


Josh - "Is it weird that before Ashley and I knew we were siblings I kind of had a crush on her?"


"Gross Josh."


Josh - "How was I suppose to know that we were siblings?"


I shrugged my shoulders.


Jennifer - "Promise you won't tell Ashley this but ever since she came into my life I've had a crush on her."


"You're bisexual?"


Jennifer - "Yeah."


Louis - "So am I."


"Kind of figured."


Zayn - "How long have you liked Harry?"


Louis - " Ever since we met in the loo."


"Almost four years ago."


Louis -"I am jealous of Ashley because she gets to see his dick and I don't."


Josh - "Do you think he likes you?"


"He was openly bi in school so he must have some feeling for you Louis."


Jennifer - "Is it weird that Ashley ships Larry?"


Louis - "If she does then she would understand that I want to be with him and then maybe we can date."


"Do you want me to hang out with him and ask him if he does Louis?"


Louis - "Would you do that for me Niall?"


"Oh course."


Jennifer - "I can talk to Ashley to see if she understands because she is a hard core Larry shipper."


Zayn - "What if he does but he wants to stay with Ashley?"


Louis - "Time to kill a bitch."


"Why did you date Eleanor?"


Zayn - "Modest made him because people found out that Louis liked Harry so he made them date but Louis called it quits ."


Jennifer - "How much longer is the Take Me Home tour?"


"We still have like three months left."


Jennifer - "Shit i really want to spend time with you guys more."


Zayn - "You could come on tour with us."


"What would Modest say?"


Louis - "I'm getting tired of Modest."


Jennifer - "I don't know what Ashley would think about that because she is really claustrophobic."


"So am I, it's very hard when you have tons of girls smothering you."


We finally made it to the hotel and the cops were there. Louis looked at me and we both ran to the room but the cops stopped us.


Cop - "Sorry you can't go in yet, we still need to find the gunmen."


Jennifer - "Did anything happen in my hotel room, 669?"


Cop - "Three were shot but they aren't dead."


Josh started crying and so did I.


"Where are they?"


Cop - They are in the ambulance."


We all walked over to the ambulance. Harry was shot in the leg, Ashley was shot in her arm and Liam was shot in the shoulder.


Ashley - "Ni-Niall."


I walked over to her and she was shaking. I hugged her good side and she smiled.


Harry - "Ashley, baby are you okay?"


Ashley - "Yeah I'm fine Harry don't worry about me."


Harry - "You're my girlfriend silly of course I'm going to worry about you."


Louis hands went into fists. Ouch that must hurt.


Cop - "We found the gunmen."


"Who was  it?"


Cop - "It was a lady her name is....

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