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Jennifer and I go Manchester. We are from Ohio, I have an older brother and I want to find him. He's 21, he has brown hair. If you know who he is can you please help me. I want to meet him!!


17. Truth or Dare #2



@HollyScally: I seriously hate fucking Directioners. I love those one's that love me but those ones that fucking hate me I'm giving you the finger. I love @NiallOffical with all my heart but others don't understand that because they only see what's on camera. You guys don't know what happens behind camera and you won't understand how mad I am because you aren't dating one of the lads. @AshleyMichelle_ understands because she and I were at dinner with Harry and Niall and bitches came up to us and said shit. I don't think anybody understands our love for these lads. @Harry_Styles, Ashley really loves you and I hope you can understand that. I love all the lads but Niall and Harry the most because I know them more. Well bye...


@Harry_Styles: @HollyScally @NiallOffical @AshleyMichelle_ Woah Holly I didn't know that's how you felt and I love you Holly I'm sorry for kissing you the other night I needed to get that scene out of my head of Niall kissing Ashley. I love Ashley with ALL my heart and all of my body I love her a lot and I do understand how you guys feel. Since I dated @Taylorswift13 Swifties gave me a hard time with the whole situation and so did Directioners. I fucking hate haters and I will give them the finger with you. Nobody needs to be hated on because they are dating somebody. Niall I'm sorry about kissing Holly just thinking about you and Ashley kissing made me kind of mad. I hope you understand that I am truly sorry for that. Ashley I hope you understand that I love you more than anything. Well Ashley, Niall and Holly hope you want to play truth or dare because we are.


@AshleyMichelle_: I want to fuck @Harry_Styles (: Love you Ashley you got hacked by Holly (:


@HollyScally: About to play truth or dare with @Real_Liam_Payne @Ashley Michelle_ @Louis_Tomlinson @Harry_Styles  @NalickPlaur @zaynmalik @AllieMorris and last but not least my Irish babe @NiallOffical. I love you guys forever and always <3 !

(Truth or Dare)


(Narrator's POV)

Louis - "Harry, truth or dare?"


Harry - "Truth."


Louis - "Have you ever dated a guy?"


Harry - "Yes I have."


Harry - "Niall, truth or dare?"


Niall - "Dare."


Harry - "I dare you to tweet that you and Holly are having a baby."


Niall got out his phone and tweeted.


Niall - "Ashley, truth or dare?"


Ashley - "Truth."


Niall - "Have you ever had a crush on Jennifer?"


Ashley - "No, why?"


Niall - "She told me, Louis, Zayn and Josh that she liked you."


Ashley - "She was my best friend and nothing more."


Ashley - "Nalick, truth or dare?"


Nalick - "Dare."


Ashley - "Call my mom and tell her that I died."


Nalick called Ashley 's mom.


Nalick - "Aunt Brenda, I have some bad news. Ashley passed away."


She hung up the phone.


Nalick - "Louis, truth or dare?"


Louis - "Truth."


Nalick - "Are you gay?"


Louis - "I'm bisexual"


Harry - "Why didn't you tell me?"


Louis - "I didn't want to ruin our friendship."


Harry dragged Louis into the kitchen.


Harry - "Lou why didn't you tell me this before?"


Louis - "I didn't want us to stop being friends."


Harry - "Tell you what. I will date you but you can't tell anybody and Ashley can be my beard."


Louis hugged Harry. Louis leaned in and kissed Harry's lips. Harry kissed him back.


Harry - " We better get back out there."


Louis walked back into the game room. Moments later Harry walked in.


Louis - "Liam, truth or dare?"


Liam - "Dare."


Louis - "I dare you to bench press Allie five times."


Liam grabbed Allie's side and right under her breast. He brought her up and down five times then let her go.


Liam - "Zayn, truth or dare?"


Zayn - "Truth."


Liam - "If you weren't dating Nalick who would you be dating right now?"


Zayn - "Perrie."


Zayn - "Holly, truth or dare?"


Holly - "Dare."


Zayn - "I dare you to put pudding inside your bra and freeze it."


Niall unhooked Holly 's bra and Harry got some pudding from the cabinet. Holly put it into her bra and put it in the freezer.


Holly - "Ashley, truth or dare?"


Ashley - "Dare."


Holly - "I dare you to go get a thong and put it on and wear it for the rest of the night."


Ashley walked up stairs and grabbed a thong and put it on and walked downstairs. Harry grabbed a blanket and put it around Ashley.


Harry - "Stop looking at her like that Liam."


Ashley - "Allie, truth or dare?"


Allie - "Truth."


Ashley - "Why do you like Liam?"


Allie - "He's sweet, charming, a good singer, and he's funny."


Allie - "Louis, truth or dare?"


Louis - "Dare."


Allie whispered something into Louis' ear and Louis got up and took the blanket off of Ashley and picked her up and took her upstairs.


Ashley - "What are you doing?"


Louis grabbed her face and started kissing her. Ashley wrapped her legs around him. Harry walked in and grabbed Ashley.


Harry - "Louis."


Harry got in one of Ashley 's drawers and pulled out some shorts. He threw them at her and she put them on.


Ashley - "H-Harry."


Harry - "Shut up."


Ashley - "I'm sorry babe."


Harry - "How many lads are you going to cheat on me with?"


Ashley - "Harry we are playing truth or dare. Something like this was bound to happen, I don't like Louis."


Harry - "Sorry I don't like lads touching you. It makes me jealous."


Ashley went downstairs and sat down where she was before.


Louis - "Sorry babe, it was a dare and nobody knows that we are dating."


Harry - "Ashley is having a baby and its mine and I'm cheating on her."


Harry ran downstairs and sat next to Ashley. Louis came down too.


Louis - "Harry, truth or dare?"


Harry - "Truth."


Louis - "Would you ever consider doing boxing?"


Harry - "I've always wanted to box."


Harry - "Ashley, truth or dare?"


Ashley - "Truth."


Harry - "Have you ever cheated on me?"


Ashley - "Yeah."


Louis - "You don't deserve my Harry."


Ashley - "Excuse me?"


Louis - "Once a cheater always a cheater."


Ashley - "You cheated on Jennifer with Hannah. Don't call me one when you cheated too!"


Harry - "Leave her alone! Everyone makes mistakes but mine was loving Lou."


Louis - "So it's over?"


Ashley - "You guys were dating!"


Ashley ran upstairs and grabbed a suitcase and packed some clothes and walked back downstairs. She walked right out the door.


Harry - "Baby no."


Louis walked over to Harry and kissed him.


Louis - "Now you're all mine."


Harry pushed Louis out of the way and ran outside.

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