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Jennifer and I go Manchester. We are from Ohio, I have an older brother and I want to find him. He's 21, he has brown hair. If you know who he is can you please help me. I want to meet him!!


20. Too Late

(Niall's POV)

When I got a text from Liam I just wanted to shoot Jennifer. She kidnapped Liam and is about to beat him with a bat. I'm on my way to the gas station that Liam told me to come to. They are in a white van. Weird right but that's Jennifer for you. I wish I didn't date her. She was always crying because Louis was texting Hannah and not talking to her. Anyway. Holly and I are going to get him. We finally found the van and now we are going to get Liam. I seen Jennifer in the gas station store so Holly is going to go check the van and I'm going to act like I'm flirting with her which is going to be hard for me to. Holly started walking towards the van and I started walking towards the gas station mini store.  I walked up to Jennifer.



"Hey beautiful."




Jennifer turned around.




Jennifer -  "Niall what are you doing here?"




"I needed to find my princess."





Jennifer - "Well I'm sure Holly isn't here so try across the street at the club."



 "No I mean you."




Man this is hard to say to somebody that cheated on you for a month.



Jennifer - "Niall I love you."




 "I love y-you t-too."




Holly texted me that she found Liam.




 "Jennifer we know you have Liam but I don't like you at all but please let him go he is dating Allie and she is a lot better than you will ever be."




Jennifer - "Liam isn't alive stupid you're too late anyway."




 "What the hell is wrong with you bitch."




I ran to the van and kicked the window fuck this shit. I got the lock open and I got in and seen Liam in the back of the van knocked out. I ran to him and lifted his head up and started crying. I just couldn't let him leave me. We are Niam I need my best mate I need him right now.




"Fuck you Jennifer I fucking hate you."




 Holly - "Fuck you Jennifer, I have no idea why Niall ever went out with you anyway you are just trash and nobody likes you, Ashley fucking hates you bitch and so do I."



I got out my phone and called the police and they said that they will be here fast. I held on to Liam the whole time I don't want him to leave me. The police and ambulance got here and they asked me if I wanted to come with him to the hospital and I nodded and jumped in the back of the ambulance.




 Paramedic -  "What happened to him?"




  "My ex-girlfriend kidnapped him and she beat him up with a bat."




Paramedic -  "What's his name?"



I said "Liam Payne".




He looked at me.



Paramedic -"The lad from One Direction?"



"Yes that's him how do you know?"




Paramedic - "My daughter loves you guys very much."




"Well that's cool when you go home you can tell her that you met 2/5 of One Direction."





Paramedic - "Well I guess but I want her to meet you guys so when we get him all fixed we can go to my house and you guys can meet her."




"Okay but is Liam going to be okay?"



 Paramedic - "Niall he's just knocked out we can just go to the hospital and get him cleaned up and just wait for him to wake up."



"Well I don't know anything about this he's my best mate I love him too much."



Paramedic - "What is his birthday?"



 "August 29, 1993."




Paramedic - "How old is he?"




 "I just gave you his birth date can't you figure that out yourself."




Paramedic - "Well aren't you cocky."




 "I'm just worried that's all."




Paramedic - "Well we are here and he already has a room it's 223."






 I jumped out of the ambulance. I walked right beside Liam. I walked to his room and sat in a chair and I got a text from Harry.




Harry - Hey mate where are you?




 Me - Harry I'm at the hospital with Liam he's knocked out from Jennifer beating him with a bat.




Man I can't wait to get Liam home. I'm getting a restraining order on Jennifer so she can't be around anybody that deals with One Direction even the girls.



Harry texted me back saying : Niall, where is Ashley I can't find her and she hasn't answered my calls or texts.




 Me - Harry, I've been gone all night I have no clue mate.




Holy shit Ashley is missing I'm going to text Holly to see if she knows.



Me - "Princess have you heard or seen Ashley?




Holly - Niall, she said she was going to her best friends house tonight.



 Me -  Who is her best friend?




Holly - His name is James.



Me - Woah wait she already knows somebody here and she is hanging out with him?



 Holly -  Niall, James moved from the US to the UK.



 Me - I don't really trust her right now with James.




 Holly - Niall leave it alone she knows that Harry loves her and she loves him just leave her alone but do you like Ashley ?

 Me -  Holly I do like Ashley but I'm with you.


She didn't respond back. The nurse walked in.




Doctor - "Hello I'm Dr. Sally."



"Hello I'm Niall."




  Doctor - "I know, my daughter loves you."



 "Oh, aren't you lucky to meet me."




 Doctor - "Yes I am."




 "Do you think Liam will be okay?"





 Doctor - "Of course."



 "Oh thank God."



 Doctor -  "Niall, he's fine."



  "Great his girlfriend would like this."




She nodded her head and she went over to Liam and started giving him CPR. He woke up with the third try.




Liam - "Niall."




"Liam, you're alive."



Liam - "Yeah."




 "I'm so sorry."



Liam - "Its Jennifer's fault."




I called Paul and told him everything.





Paul -  "I don't like Jennifer, Niall I don't think the girls can go on tour with us Ashley is too much drama because you, Zayn and Harry all like her and I don't want her to be scared going on tour with us."






 "Paul please, Harry will be on tour with her and he won't be depressed like the last tour."





Paul - "Niall, Harry is going to be okay without her for 12 months."




"Paul, he couldn't go 3 month without her how is he going to go 12 months without her."





 Paul - "He will have to try because I am not letting any of the girls on that tour bus in 2 months !


 "Wow Paul I thought you cared!"




I hung up I can't stand being in the band anymore.




 "Liam we are going to get you out of here."




I started to cry and the nurse walked in.





Nurse - "Liam you can leave now."




  "Come on Liam we are going home now."





He got up and I helped him to the car we get home and I helped him out and we walk in and everybody was crying.

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