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Jennifer and I go Manchester. We are from Ohio, I have an older brother and I want to find him. He's 21, he has brown hair. If you know who he is can you please help me. I want to meet him!!


1. Tickets, Bad News, Choosing

(Ashley's POV)


I finally got concert tickets for One Direction. I leave in two days to Manchester, England. I'm from Columbus, Ohio but I accidently got tickets for Manchester but that doesn't matter because I got two plane tickets for Manchester. I forgot to introduce myself. Hello my name is Ashley. I have brown hair and hazel eyes and my best friends are Jennifer, Lexieey, Monica and Kenzie. I'm one of those girls that are really pretty and everybody wants to date them and I don't really date that much, but on the other hand my "actual" best friend Jennifer isn't like that she is very beautiful she goes out with any boy.

The only reason I am friends with Kenzie and Monica are because they are the loners and they just want to be well-known. I have a sister and my mom said I have a brother but she said that he moved out when he was young. My sister's name is Chloee. She goes to parties every Friday and doesn't come back until Sunday night. My mom told me that I have to bring Chloee with me but I said no because she would ruin everything. I might end up taking her because that's how it always ends up that Chloee gets everything she wants to and I get hardly anything.

I have to choose between Chloee and Jennifer. Even though I'm the oldest well now I am but Chloee gets to have everything her way or she will get pissed at you and never talk to you ever again. One time I had an old boyfriend over and we were cuddling on the couch and she wanted to watch a movie but we wouldn't let her and she fucking flipped out and told my mom and she told my boyfriend to get the hell out of this house. I got a text from him that night saying it was over. I almost wanted to kill Chloee. Anyway getting too off topic but you get my point.


(Chloee's POV)


I swear to fucking God if my mom makes me go to that stupid concert I'm going to shoot myself. One Direction sucks ass but Harry is so fucking hot. I've never liked them but Ashley has and she won't shut up about them and it gets annoying but hey if she talks about Harry I'm interested then. I am dating a boy and a girl.  Dakota and Piper. I am a cheater and I don't give a shit. I drink (a lot) and my parents don't know because I only drink on Friday's and come back Sunday night. I love my life I couldn't of asked for a better one.


(Ashley's POV)


I've been texting Jennifer and her parents said yes about coming to England with me and all I have to do is convince my mom not to make Chloee come with me. Great my mom is calling my name and now I have to go down stairs. I walk down stairs and I asked her what she needed.




 Mom - "You might have to take Chloee with you because I have to leave for a couple of days and your father might not be home from work either."




  "Chloee goes to Stella's house on Friday's and doesn't come back until Sunday why can't she just do what she always does and just stays in the U.S because I'm not taking her out of the U.S if she is going to treat me like crap the whole time."





 Mom - "We will decide tomorrow night if she will stay or if she goes with you."




  "Mom what if she goes and she gets lost huh I could just leave her there because that was your idea to let her go and you said I didn't have to watch her."




 My mom's eyes grew bigger and she said "We will talk about this tomorrow now go find Chloee I think I know where your brother is."



I yell for Chloee and she runs down stairs and she looks like she's been crying. I asked her what happened to her and she threw my phone at me and it was Kenzie's mom she texted me and it said "Hello Ashley I just wanted to inform you that Kenzie committed suicide last night and she left a note telling you thanks for making her well-known in school and she said that some girls were bullying her and that she didn't tell anybody because she knew she needed to go and kill herself. I just wanted to tell you THANK YOU for making Kenzie one of the popular one's at school."



I was fighting tears and my mom asked us why we were crying.




Chloee - "Ash's best friend committed suicide last night and her mom wanted to tell Ashley thanks for being her friend and letting Kenzie be popular just like Ashley."


My mom knew Kenzie very well and I could tell she was upset.


(Chloee's POV)


I feel bad for Ash I mean we don't get along well but she is always there for me when my mom asks me where I've been and Ashley says with Stella she text me and told me to tell you but I forgot and I always need to pay her back for that. I know who my brother is but my mom doesn't want me to tell Ashley because she will go all crazy over it. She might find out while she is in England. I am excited to be home alone but I am going to try not to drink/smoke because I don't want "him" to find out he has two little sisters. Whoa hio I'm Chloee and I'm 15 years young and I have one sister and one brother.

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