Just Another Fan or More

Jennifer and I go Manchester. We are from Ohio, I have an older brother and I want to find him. He's 21, he has brown hair. If you know who he is can you please help me. I want to meet him!!


3. Shower, Concert

(Ashley's POV)


Oh my God in a couple of hours we are going to a One Direction concert. I can't wait I just hope I don't embarrass  myself in front of people. We get to the hotel and we check in and the lady at the front desk.


The Lady - "I'm sorry but we don't have you down for any reservations."




 "Are you spelling my name right?"





She started spelling my name A S H E L Y.





"It's A S H L E Y."




 Lobby Lady - "Floor 7 room 669."


Wow great room number. We got on the lift and went up. Jennifer was listening to music so she didn't know what happened right there. I patted her on the arm and told her to come on. She got scared and we went to the room.


(Jennifer's POV)


I wish I didn't bully Kenzie but you know everybody makes mistakes. I am listening to Count on Me by Bruno Mars. You can count on me like one,two three. I can count on you like four,three,two. Man I love this song but I can't wait to meet One Direction I mean like in two hours we will be meeting them. I wish Ashley would hurry up and get out of the shower I need to get in there and get washed up. I can't believe Ashley's brother is in Manchester this weekend. Weird that we are too though. I swear if he brother is a hobo I will be mad at her.


(Ashley's POV)


I am so nervous about tonight I mean this chance doesn't come too often to take a trip out of one country to another. I need to hurry up so Jennifer can take a shower. I just hope I won't fart while I meet them because they are my celebrity crushes. Well I need to get out of this shower and get into my clothes I'm going to wear. I'm going to wear my green and blue tie dye shirt with a microphone on it. My pants are some booty shorts with "Hottie" on the bum. I get out of the bathroom. I wonder how we get to the arena?


"Jennifer, how do we get to the arena?"


Jennifer - "Lets look it up on our phones."


Jennifer got out her phone and looked up how to get to the arena. She wrote the directions down and she ran to the bathroom to take a shower. I am so nervous about the concert. I'm going to be meeting One Direction later. Like ten minutes later Jennifer gets out of the shower.


Jennifer - "Well let's go."


We walked out of the hotel and got into our car and are heading to the hotel.


Jennifer - "I'm so nervous."


"Yeah so am I."


Jennifer - "Shit, we need gas."


Jennifer pulled over to the gas station and it takes awhile because there is a big red bus in front of us.


Guy - "What the fuck are we going to do? We have to be there in ten minutes and we have two flat tires plus we have an oil problem."


"Sir, do you need help with anything?"


Guy - "Yeah, can you give us a ride to the arena?"


"Yeah we have room in the back."


Holy shit I'm so stupid, One Direction just came off the bus. I looked at Jennifer and she face palmed her face. How didn't we notice it was their tour bus?


Paul - "Thank you guys so much for the ride."


"You're welcome."


Louis - "She's beautiful."


"Who? Jennifer?"


Louis pointed to Jennifer.


Harry - "You're crazy, she's beautiful."


Harry pointed to me.




Niall - "Where we're you guys heading to?"


"The arena actually."


Liam - "That's so weird."


Zayn - "Where are you from?"


"Columbus, Ohio."


Jennifer got in the car and handed me a cake.


"What is this?"


Jennifer - "Our  birthday cake."




Harry - "When is your birthdays?"


"Mine was yesterday and hers is today."


Harry - "Happy belated birthday."


"Thanks Harry."


Louis - "Looks like Harry has a new crush."


Harry - "Shh Lou."


Harry's cheeks were turning red.


"How much longer Jennifer?"


Jennifer - "Just 20 more minutes Ashley."


"Hurry up butt munch."


Zayn - "How long are you guys going to be in Manchester?"


"Two weeks."


Harry - "That's it?"


"Yeah, I wish I lived here."


Harry - "You should move to Cheshire."


"What am I going to do there?"


Harry - "You can stay with my mum and I until we start the Where We Are Tour in the spring."


"I'll think about it."


Harry - "Alright."


Liam - "Are we there yet?"


Jennifer - "Yeah."


Jennifer parked the car and we all got out and Jennifer and I headed to where the fans were.


Liam - "You're coming with us."


Jennifer and I walked back to where they were and headed into the arena. Harry grabbed my hand and we walked in together.


Paul - "You have ten minutes until the concert starts."


Harry  - "Alright Paul."


Harry - "Jump on my back, I want to show you off to the paparazzi."


I jumped on his back and he around the arena.


"Harry, you're so weird."


Harry - "Thanks babe."


Some girl pulled me off of his back.


Lady - "Harold, stop acting up and act your own damn age you bastard."


Harry - "Leave me alone."


Lady - "Is she a beard?"


Harry - "Of c-course not."


Lady - "Harry."


Harry - "Leave me alone you freak."


The Lady pulled me away.


Lady - "Listen we need you to work for us, you need to be Harry's fake girlfriend for a couple of years."


"Alright, is it safe?"


Lady - "Of course, we would never let anybody hurt you."


"I'll do it."


The Lady walked away and came back with a contract.


Lisa - "Sign here, here, and here."


She pointed to three lines. I signed each line.


Lisa - "Thanks, what's your name?"




Lisa - "Thanks Ashley."


"You're welcome Lisa."


I walked away to Harry.


"We are dating now."


Harry - "What?"


"I'm your girlfriend, I have a contract."


Harry - "Ashley, its going to be rough dating me."


"I'll fight through it."


Harry picked me up and we went over to Liam.


Liam - "Manwhore."


I looked at Harry and he rolled his eyes.




Liam - "Jealous? Of this douche? You're crazy."


Louis walked over to us he hugged Harry.


"Where is Jennifer?"


Louis - "Don't worry about it."


"Louis, she's my best friend, where is she!"


Louis - "She's getting it in with Niall."




Harry pinched my butt.


Harry - "That could be us soon."


"She fucks every guy you put in front of her."


Harry - "Paul, Niall's having sex can you go see if he has a condom on?"


Paul - "You go do it, you've seen it before."


Louis - "I wanna do it."


Louis skipped away to where Niall and Jennifer were.


"Be honest with me Harry, is he gay?"


Harry - "I think he is bisexual."


"Okay, are you bisexual Harry boo?"


Harry - "Yeah, please don't say anything."


"I think it's cute."


Harry smiled.


"I LOVE your smile."


Harry - "Yours is better than mine."




Paul - "Lets go lads, concert starts now."


Harry pulled me into a hug and kissed my cheek.


"Good luck."


Harry - "Thanks babe."


"Have fun too."


Harry - "I will."


The boys went onstage and I heard Louis.


Louis - "Niall and his new 'friend' Jennifer were having sex before the show. Let's see if he is okay."


Niall - "Don't touch me, Lou."


Harry - "Do you remember summer '09, I wanna go back there every night."


They sung Rock Me,  a couple hours later they were finished. I ran to Harry and he had a big smile on his face.


Harry - "I was waiting for it to end so I could see you."


Lisa - "You and Ashley have a date tomorrow and I want paparazzi there with you guys so we can get away from you and Louis' relationship."


Harry - "I will have a date when I want a date."


Harry pulled me away.


"Please stay with me tonight."


Harry - "Alright, Niall and the lads will come too because you know the bus broke down and shit."


"Yeah, we can get more rooms."


Harry - "Me, you, Niall and Jennifer can share one. Zayn and Louis can share one and Josh and Paul can share one."


"That sounds great."


Harry grabbed my hand and we walked to Jennifer's car. Jennifer and Niall walked out with everybody else. We drove back to hotel room and we got extra rooms and we all went to bed so that we can hangout all day tomorrow.

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