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Jennifer and I go Manchester. We are from Ohio, I have an older brother and I want to find him. He's 21, he has brown hair. If you know who he is can you please help me. I want to meet him!!


15. More Promises, I Still Love You

(Ashley's POV)

I can't take this any longer I have to tell Harry what Niall and I were planning to do. I can't take the stress anymore. Niall and I promised that we wouldn't tell anybody. Niall is probably going to be mad at me forever but I can't take it anymore. I'm going to talk to Niall and tell him I'm going to tell Harry about the day before I left.



ME: Ni-Niall

NIALL: Ashley what's wrong?

ME: I-I ha-have to t-tell y-you s-something

NIALL: Ashley what is it

ME: I have to tell Harry about our plan because I'm getting stressed out about it I'm sorry

NIALL: It's fine Ashley go tell him but promise him that he won't get mad then if he gets mad then he can't show it

ME: Thanks Niall I guess I'm going to tell him

NIALL: Well good luck I love you bye

ME: Bye I love you too

I am going to tell Harry now.




 "HARRRY GET YOUR ASS UP NOW, Okay you're up I have to tell you something but you have to promise that you won't get mad."





 Harry - "Erm I do."









Harry - "Erm I'm up."




 "Harry did you have a dream of us getting married?"




 Harry -  "Erm yes yes I did."


"Harry I have to tell you that the day before I left you Niall started kissing my neck and we ended up making a secret but I said I would do it but I left the next day so I could think about it more and I decided to tell you I'm sorry Harry."






 Harry - "Ashley, thank you for telling me because if you didn't tell me then I would be mad but I still love you no matter what comes out of your big mouth."




  "I don't have a big mouth Harold."




Harry - "Yes yes you do because how did you give me that blow?"





  "Harold, I need to tell you something else."





Harry - "What?"





 "I love you."





Harry - "Ashley, you are my life, my world I love you no matter what comes out of  that pretty face whole."








(Harry's POV)

Ashley and Niall did a lot of things together but I understand now why she went back home for a month. Niall even said that he and Ashley would never date they are just best friends and he said that she didn't like him so he backed off. Woah I think Nialler just came out the room he just stayed in.






Man that lad eats too much. I remember when we were on the X Factor and they tried to put him on a diet. That didn't go very well though. I forgot that Ashley brought her cat Angel with her. I want some tacos.








Ashley - "Harold I'm sitting right next to you, you don't have to yell and Holly is still asleep."



 "Well she needs to get up then."




(Holly's POV)

When I woke up this morning Harry was screaming and I didn't know what for.







I heard Ashley say "Harold I'm sitting right next to you, you don't have to yell and Holly is still asleep."







Ashley and I are going to be really close friends I can tell. Niall and I have been dating not even a day and I already got hate. Ashley and Harry have been together for 3 months and she just now got hate. Well I heard Niall and Ashley talk about some girl called Jennifer, I have no clue who that is so.


(Ashley's POV)


I made some pasta for lunch and Niall almost ate it all. I'm going to wake up Holly and get her down here to eat before Niall eats it all. I knock on the guest room door and Holly is already awake.



 "Holly you better come down here and eat before Niall eats everything."


Holly - "Okay."



 "Okay, do you guys want to go to the movies?"


Holly - "Pleaseee Niall."


Niall - "Alright."


Holly ran from Niall then she ran straight into his arms and kissed him. Man that kind of hurt me but Harry picked me up from behind and slammed me down on the sofa and kissed my neck.



"Harold that's not allowed until the baby comes out."



He kissed my stomach and helped me up.


Holly - "Ashley go get dressed and meet me by the bathroom door."



I walked into Harry and I's bedroom and got ready I put on my green skinny jeans with a white shirt that says "His" and points to the right. I went to the bathroom and Holly was there and she had on a black shirt that says "His" and pointed to the left. We got these last night from fans they are so cute. Niall and Harry has the same shirt but Niall's is black and Harry's is white.



Holly - "Here take this and curl your hair and put it to the side."



I curled my hair and put it to the side with a bobby pin. Holly scrunched her hair and pinned it to the side.

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